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My ex was dumped by his long time suggar-daddy boyfriend (whom he had been cheating on a lot!!). First thing he does, after lots of sex, is going and tricking an old time girlfriend, whose known to be a bit naive, into getting together. They get married soon after and she gets pregnant. A month later, he receives a grant to study a few months in France and leaves his LatinAmerican hometown. Not much later he writes his wife saying that he's been gay his whole life, he has met someone special in Paris and is leading the life Read more
My ex weighed 227 pounds and she was proud of it. In fact, everytime after we “did the bump,” as she referred to it as, she would wink at me and comment on how a quarter pounder with cheese ALWAYS went well after sex. Especially if it was bad, which was often.

My ex’s last name was actually the name of this web-site, but that’s not important. What is important is that she got pregnant and then blamed on me, even though I would always pull out everytime wearing a condom. Precaution never goes too far when you’re a Read more

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