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My six-word memoir on this subject: "Eleven months; still want you back."
I could elaborate, and maybe sometime I will.

I gave my ex seventeen years of my young life, three beautiful children, always waited for him to come through the door and worked very hard to give him a nice clean home. My reward was a gift of alcoholism, abuse, hunger and lonely nights unless he wanted sex. I never felt that we made love. It was always too one sided. He came home to get clean clothes and give me orders. He barely patted the children on the head, let alone picked then up, hugged or bathed and put them to bed with a good night story. Read more

I sat on the grass in the summer, wondering how this could be happening. Again. And wondering why I thought being outside in the sun would make this easier. While he focused on looking at anything but me, I landed on this: this break up will be different because we never sit in the grass.

"You have to choose," I said. "You can either treat me right or it's over."

He looked at my eyes. Held my gaze. I didn't back down. This is what strong girls do, right?

But if I'm so strong, Read more

Mr. Codderman* will tell you himself, as he has often told me and others, about his children; while he considers nearly every decent human being in the world to be family, he biologically has only two children: "one Girl and one Idiot."

Mr. Codderman's Girl is a sweetheart, large and soft and childish, though she's older than I am. She'd had a boyfriend who was a good man. Patient, respectful of her wish to "wait until marriage," sweet, faithful, etc. She was with him for two and a half years and then let him go. Why? Who knows? Perhaps Read more

I ran into my ex on the street while I was with my AA sponsor, with whom I had just exited a meeting. I had not seen ex in years. It had only been a few months since I’d had fifty drinks, so I was still hoping never to see anyone I knew within five blocks of an AA meeting. My ex had been a ball and chain secured to an anvil chained to a brass tree connected to the core of the earth. But I had managed to give her the heave-ho years before, at which point she moved Read more

I left Tucson because I was broke, and because the man I loved didn’t want to live with me. He wasn’t ready, he said. It didn’t feel right. We should be happier. He was right, of course, but that didn’t solve anything. I was still unemployed, recovering from an ear infection and a car accident. The relentless sun still seeped through the walls of my cottage, a mile from the road and surrounded by overgrown creosote. My idea of happiness was not to wake up everyday, hair grown out and 15 pounds heavier, and trudge down the dirt driveway past Read more

My ex became my ex when he went on a short trip to Stockholm and met the love of his life in a coat check line at a club. Within 24 hours they swore life-long allegiance, and my ex returned home to tell me the news. My response: whaaa???

Amazingly enough they maintained a long-distance intercontinental relationship for five years until my ex could get the appropriate papers to leave America behind and become a Swedish citizen….and they lived happily ever after.

Lesson: there really is such a thing as love as first sight. It would have been Read more

I was in dire straits. I was working construction and had to lug my tools up the hilly streets of San Francisco as fast as possible, which was rough given my condition (I had to take the biggest crap known to man). I was cruising past my van near my apartment when I noticed not only the street cleaning ticket, but a small package tucked under my windshield wiper. My heart just about hit the floor as I noticed the cutesy hand stamped writing that could only be from one person. My Ex!

I grabbed the ticket and the Read more

Nothing worse than being the original breakup-er and then turning yourself into the breakup-ee. Lately, every time I bang my head against the wall I remind myself that the subsequent pain on my skull is just as much my fault as the heartwrenching, nausea-inducing, weepy-eyed, frustrated and scared feeling I have daily. What a total a-hole I am for ever thinking my ex, the same guy I broke up with for rational and legitimate reasons (he’s an irresponsible child with minimal ambition), should ever be the same person worthy of my total devotion and ultimate partner in the future. Why Read more

There is a moment in all failing relationships when you know things won’t last. For me, that moment was the donut-cheeseburger.

After two and a half years, I was slowly coming to accept that things were stalled. I wanted more, I wanted to change the past, I wanted things that were never going to happen. I wanted to drag things out as long as possible.

And then there was the BBQ.

BBQ’s in San Francisco are different. Owing to the cold and fog, many of our BBQs take place indoors, with only the grill master and a Read more

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