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I first met Mike freshman year of college and he hated me. Our mutual friend Lisa tried to hook us up but it wasn't happening...

Me: a tall, chain smoking, loud Israeli girl

Mike: a shy townie with an Oasis "Don't Look Back in Anger" ring tone

Sophomore year I apparently saw him and his friend at a party and we played beer pong together. Me and my friend Julie together with Mike and his friend against another team. And I also apparently drunkenly told them to rub my ass for good luck whenever it was their Read more

My six-word memoir on this subject: "Eleven months; still want you back."
I could elaborate, and maybe sometime I will.

I had been lying naked in my own urine paralyzed on the bathroom floor for a weekend when my crazy Christian Scientist exboyfriend compelled my landlord to unlock my apartment door and called 911. Unbeknownst to us, I was having a stroke. He rode in the ambulance with me. Against his beliefs, he saved my life.

The first time I woke up next to a woman was in a hotel bed. It was dawn, faint light eking in along the edges of the thick hotel curtains. She was asleep, her body on the edge of illumination. The previous morning, like all the times in my life I had slept with a lover, dawn revealed a man next to me. Now here lay a woman, fleshy arm, shadowy dimples on her thigh, press of breast against the pillow. This contrast was made stronger by the memory, the visceral echo, of my boyfriend’s Read more

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