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We dated a short time a decade ago. In spite of the rest of my life crumbling apart before me: business failing, unable to afford a place of my own, going back to waiting tables, thanks to her I had the time of my life.

Although we had only been dating a couple of months, we did what any lesbian couple would do: pack up the U-Haul and move me in to her place!

What a 30th birthday.

We did have a lot of fun.

She walked Read more

The first time I woke up next to a woman was in a hotel bed. It was dawn, faint light eking in along the edges of the thick hotel curtains. She was asleep, her body on the edge of illumination. The previous morning, like all the times in my life I had slept with a lover, dawn revealed a man next to me. Now here lay a woman, fleshy arm, shadowy dimples on her thigh, press of breast against the pillow. This contrast was made stronger by the memory, the visceral echo, of my boyfriend’s Read more

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