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My ex-boyfriend and I had a dog together. I mean it was his; he had it for about 5 years before I came into the picture. When we broke up because he was not the monogamous type; I definitely did not take the key I still had to his house and I totally did not take the dog and move 500 miles away. I mean I would never do that. It also looked like the dog ran away. I mean the gate was open. So you must have left the dog outside and the gate swung open. Cause I never Read more

I met my ex at a dog training class. It wasn't his dog. It was his older sister's and she left it locked in their mother's house for three days without food or water. She trashed the house and never came back. So his mom took the dog and he just came along to dog training class because he had nothing to do.

He told me he was manic depressive that first night he came over to smoke cigarettes out my apartment window. Turned out his sister, who was now living in an abandoned factory in San Francisco, Read more

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