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I'm an atheist
He's a Christian
We were in love
didn't want it to end

The night he told me
he could never marry me
I cried and
kissed him for the last time

First kisses stop the heart
Last kisses burn the skin.

I had been lying naked in my own urine paralyzed on the bathroom floor for a weekend when my crazy Christian Scientist exboyfriend compelled my landlord to unlock my apartment door and called 911. Unbeknownst to us, I was having a stroke. He rode in the ambulance with me. Against his beliefs, he saved my life.

We decided to spend a weekend away together to try to find a way we could continue to be together despite the big difference between us.

We spent the first two days hiking, playing monopoly and having our usual limited version of sex. In other words, we did everything to avoid the subject.

On Sunday afternoon we had the big discussion.

Now when I said "let's talk about this religion-thing" I meant I wanted to see if there was a way this atheist could have a relationship with that self-described Christian.

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