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Lesbians really like each other. They must because there are never more than two degrees between them. I would love to pay my Italian cousin to "take care" of my ex---just a little re-location situation. A girl can dream.

So what's a modern lesbian to do who lives in the Bay Area, or any area where packs of lesbians live, have L Word dinner parties, and go to the same two bars on every other Friday or second Thursday? Or who yearns for the yearly dyke march so we can have those lovely ex-girlfriend run-ins on the street while Read more

My ex-boyfriend and I had a dog together. I mean it was his; he had it for about 5 years before I came into the picture. When we broke up because he was not the monogamous type; I definitely did not take the key I still had to his house and I totally did not take the dog and move 500 miles away. I mean I would never do that. It also looked like the dog ran away. I mean the gate was open. So you must have left the dog outside and the gate swung open. Cause I never Read more
I worked for an evil advertising agency. My last day there, I tied up all loose ends, left copious notes for the replacement that I trained, did my exit interview, turned in my badge and gun. Still, my asshole boss wanted a “complete debriefing” on all projects. ‘Sure’ I said, ‘just gotta go to the bank–be right back.’ I never went back. My ex-cubicle mates said that Bossman checked to see if I came back about twenty times that day. If only I could watch the increasing realization on his face–that I was gone forever!
My ex weighed 227 pounds and she was proud of it. In fact, everytime after we “did the bump,” as she referred to it as, she would wink at me and comment on how a quarter pounder with cheese ALWAYS went well after sex. Especially if it was bad, which was often.

My ex’s last name was actually the name of this web-site, but that’s not important. What is important is that she got pregnant and then blamed on me, even though I would always pull out everytime wearing a condom. Precaution never goes too far when you’re a Read more

Man, so what do you guys want a guy to do when he leaves a girl he’s not in love with and doesn’t want to be with any more- who made him miserable for a long time even when he tried to be good to her- who endured verbal abuse and an unloving relationship because he found a great girl who was spirited, fun, trusting, loving, supportive and HAPPY? My ex- who I was with for about 6 years was all the opposite of the qualities I just mentioned above.

I know. You’re asking “so why did you stick Read more
I love boats. But I get seasick. In my excitement to experience boats, I often forget about the seasickness until I’m on deck, heading out to sea. Then my stomach begins to roil. I blame this nautical amnesia for the fix I found myself in many years ago taking a ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I was so queasy I had forgotten I was crossing a border into another country, and that meant a customs inspection. When we disembarked, an officer pulled me out of line and asked if I was bringing any illegal substances into Read more

I had a very serious boyfriend for two years. Then we broke up. Then a few months later we sort of got back together. On a trip to Paris a couple months later, I experienced the lethal combo of too many drinks, a dark club full of English speaking Europeans in their 20s, and a very hot Irishman whose travels to America only included Las Vegas. My ex-boyfriend and I, 3,000 miles apart, had yet to declare we were officially back together by then, so I didn’t think of it as cheating when I flirted and made out with Barry Read more

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