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That Green Coat, Made My Day.

She walked in wind blown, struggling with her multi-colored umbrella, wearing her fit to perfection Kelly Green Raincoat. As was her custom, every three weeks, she had her hair done, ate at her favorite Thai restaurant, and indulged in her latest salacious read. And, as seemed was the was always raining and windy on that day.

Walking into the small eight top establishment in the center of town, she struggled with the wind and rain, trying to preserve her recent blow-out. Safely inside, she spied the sole unoccupied table. A gentleman directly in front of the door, looked down and quickly looked up at her from his lunch meeting. Although occupied with securing rain shelter; she was arrested by his wavy peppered hair, smart suit, and straight teeth that bit into his lower lip. Then he slowly smiled, causing her to shake and abruptly snap her gear shut.

Wrestling with her umbrella, he looked directly at her and said, “ You in that coat, just made my day”. His partner with his back facing the entrance looked over his shoulder, and remarked, “Yes, THAT COAT is something else”.

Forgetting herself, she remarked, “Well now, that comment just about made up for a decade-long loss of compliments”. He smirked and retorted, “You know what they say about the color green”? Looking over her shoulder, flipping her dark smooth locks, she moved to claim the lone table two yards away, “If we are talking about candy, I think it’s said to eat ‘um all up first”. Upon passing to her table, the wavy-haired, to well dressed man, touched her arm, and said, “So, it seems that pretty and charismatic Coat has an equally and charming Owner”.

She smiled, moved to her table, ordered the most spiciest dish, pretended to read, and proceeded to eavesdrop.

It seemed that the Green-Coat-Lover had an accent, wore a ring on his right hand, was impeccably dressed, and smelled good: Definitely European. He and his lunch partner looked over blueprints while eating Pad Thai and The Exact Same Hot Dish she had ordered. They glanced and smiled periodically at her, while albeit engrossed in their dealings.

She sat, ate and thought: Oh Lord, Coat Lover was, grey-haired, really great looking, Spanish, an Architect, and Married. She was also two of the above (well maybe three).

Satiated from the spicy Thai, finally warm, and full of a day well spent; she sipped her water, shut her e-Reader off, and paid the bill. As she rose, the two architects noticed her departure and looked up to bid her good-bye.

Her dazzling, Latin stranger, with a gold gleamed ringed finger, designer of mass structures, called out “Take care of that Coat, beautiful Lady, it will no doubt keep your heart Green”.


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