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Prosper and Relax. Relax and Prosper.

The Woman Pioneer versus The Post-Modern Woman

Entrenched in my post-modern womanhood, I began to feel stressed, anxious, and underwhelmed with my life; and wondered if the Pioneer women, ever felt this way.

These women pioneers planned for seasons, sowed, nurtured, and grew their food, spun, sewed, and darned each family member’s one outfit, packed up their trunks with their few belongings, dried what would be rationed provisions in preparation for the Promise of Prosperity in the West. And, off they went for a tumultuous wobbly journey in a covered, unheated/hot, and break-down prone wagon...for a ride into a lonely unfriendly terrain, children delirious, bored, and yelling from de-hydration. These female warriors of the West most certainly felt stressed and anxious; but their fear and anxiety must have stemmed from the sheer mania it took to survive the elements, childbirth without drugs, husbands who were just as unsure, and anticipation of the disappointment in having failed to reach the echelons and elation of Prosperity.

Fast forward two hundred years...We too are planning; making lists on our iPhones of what to bring on the Road Trip to Relaxation: we pack the right videos/games/activities for the ride, over stuff suitcases with the appropriate change of weather gear for our opposite sexed kids, a sexy outfit for ourselves (in the event an adult-only evening presents itself in Relaxation), beach toys/snow apparel are in tow, we stock coolers with bottled water, juice boxes, fruit snacks, an adult beverage or two for the mate not driving, and 100-calorie snack packs (just in case there are no McDonald’s or Stuckey’s, along our stone’s throw away from home journey). And, off we go in our heated/AC’d, hard-topped, equipped with DVD/iPhone dock, safe and recently serviced modern wagon...for a traffic-induced headache, fueled by children screaming over which movie to watch, spousal fights over bad driving, indigestion from freeway-side/packed-cooler food, and general anger coming from the mate who did do the driving.

It seems to me that, The Road to Relaxation could be equally as disappointing and rewarding, as was the Promise of Prosperity.

Prosper and Relax. Relax and Prosper.


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