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February 29, 2012

It started out as a normal day. The high school had its first snow day of the year and I worked the morning shift at my job until four o'clock in the afternoon. The day was pretty uneventful up until I got home. My mom was putting groceries away and I was going into the bathroom to change my clothes when she got a text from my friend Amber. She asked me to check her phone for her and see what Amber said to her, so naturally, I did it. Little did I know, that was the moment that would be a turning point in my life. "What happened to Dillon!!!" is what the text message read. I read it to my mom and she told me to reply saying that she didn't know and then ask what happened. The response to that text wasn't what either of us expected. Amber told us that she had heard that Dillon- who was my neighbor, friend, co-worker, and like family to me- died in a car accident. Right away, my mom put her shoes on and ran out of the house to go over to Dillon's house to ask his mom about it. As my mom was walking out, the police were walking up the porch to their house to inform Dillon's mom that her son had died in a car accident on Highway 180. He was only 16 years old. According to my mom, she heard Renee scream. A short while later, my mom came back over to our house and told me that he was gone. I didn't know what to think. They had to be joking, right?? There was no way he was gone, I had just talked to him the night before at work. He had just been at work to get some food earlier that afternoon. It just couldn't be right, they had to have messed up. Unfortunately for me and everyone else, that wasn't the case. Amber eventually showed up at my house and we held each other and cried. After about an hour or so, we went over to my neighbors house to be with Dillon's family. Friends and family came and went throughout the night to share their condolences and eventually everyone went home. That weekend was the funeral, which was probably the hardest moment in my life. To see my friend just laying there in a coffin, looking so peaceful. He even had a smile on his face. It was heartbreaking, and it was the first time I had lost anyone that was close to me. People say that as time goes on, the wounds will heal. But it's been almost a year since that day and I can tell you right now that the pain is still there. You just find ways to numb the pain as time goes on.. Time does not heal all wounds. And forgive me for the terrible ending to this story of mine, but I don't think that I can bear to write anything else about this. So that is the story of the moment that my life changed.


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