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Like Elmer's glue

July 15, 2011 10:56 p.m. that exact moment that completely changed my life inside out; the one day that will be stuck like Elmer's glue to the back of my hippocampus. A day like this is to me is a date you'll remember when you get married, or the exact moment your first child is born. To give some background to this date, I had family and personal issues that I had with my father, ones I wish never had to happen to a child. Never the less, it was my first time seeing him and my brother in well over two years, as well as my dear grandmother at the time. Prior to this date, my brother went on vacation with his wife Margy, which is what we nickname her, to Colombia. My brother, a manager asked my father during absence to watch his store and to make sure none of the employees stole the money that needed to be deposited every night. June 15, 2011 at approximately 10:50 p.m. my father started getting ready to head out and secure my brother's store. I was lying down watching ESPN as I recall it. The NFL was still in a lockout and it was the only thing that was headlined. Basketball season was over with a heavy loss to my favorite team The Miami Heat who had hopes and expectations of winning the championship after bringing in two huge superstars. My grandmother at the time to both me and my dad was sleeping profoundly on her bed. My father was in due process of leaving the house and in the middle of telling me there was food in the kitchen till we both sprung up like scared, freaked out cats to the sound which seemed like a gunshot coming from my grandmother’s room. We ran into her room faster than you could say the word "cookie" to the scene of my grandma stomach flat on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding her face. I reacted like any other grandchild would. I ran to the kitchen to grab some paper towels and the first-aid kit under the kitchen to help clean up the dark red mess. The sound of her voice in pain when I cleaned her face will never stop repeating itself gradually in my head. The image of her helpless face when she looked at me coming up from the ground is an image that will stay concrete in my head. Turns out she had to use the restroom but being Italian and stubborn to the fact she was fragile she thought she could get out of bed herself without the help of me or my father. Speaking of my father as soon as he witnessed the scene of my grandmother lying helplessly on the floor, he took such action as to leave to my brother's job and leave me to take care of his own mother. Gathering as much information I could it turns out my grandmother fell and hit the corner of the bed and hit the bone right next to her eye that could've left her blind with an eye popped out. The emotions and feelings while seeing the look of a deep-cut on my grandma who before the last time I was with her two years prior was in perfect health for her age, were the deepest I've ever had. Not only is this picture of her face glued into my memory but it was sadly the beginning of her end, and knowing that if she would've called out my name she would still be here and I wouldn't be on this website talking about the day I'll never forget. It's interesting to say that this is my first time writing this life experience down. I can truly relate as to why it took Joan Didion so long to to finally jot down her experience of her husband's death in her article "After Life". The moment, the time 10:56 p.m. a time I'll never forget about.


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