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How much does work weigh?

As I sort through the plethora of bills to pay out of my upcoming paycheck, I pause and evaluate my situation. My budget planning has turned into a “how to” magnum opus. There are two categories I sort the envelopes into: the “how to get out of debt” and “how to avoid debt” stacks. Depending on the amount of the bill, the due date, and its importance, each bill has its place in a stack. So, after thinking through how pitiful my strategies are, I begin to question, how come? After fourteen years in the workforce, how come I am here drowning in negatives and overdrafts? How and why am I here? I don’t own a car, a home, or any asset worth saving. As if my own ass is worth saving at this point in middle life. But, to really grasp the situation, I question the means of income--the one thing that can insure my way out of this vicious cycle of debt. Does my work lack the tangible connection to my life? Is the work I do reflective of how much debt I've acquired? I come to the conclusion that the last thing left to ponder must be….. Is the coffee just that damn good?


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