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My relationship with Him

He was not afraid to die. He wanted to live life his way.

Thirteen years down the memory lane as I trace back my life, something hazy and unclear crosses my mind. The video of my life is rewinded back to the day I was born. Well of course I don't remember anything from the initial years of my life. All I can think of is my Grandfather. I was named Yashashvi (it means a successful person in Sanskrit) by him because he wanted me to succeed everywhere in life. He wanted me to be a replica of him. How I wish! He was an MA in Political Science and Economics from St. Xavier's College. I got an inclination for Arts because of him and now I am in St. Xavier's College too. He influenced me at every step in my life. He is the only concrete figure visible everything else still remains a negative of my minds camera.

I can picture myself walking outside my house with a chocolate in one hand and his hand holding my tiny finger of the other hand. And we are on our way again exploring what's gone by long ago.

I might not be able to talk about the other days but I remember the last days of his life very clearly. He was suffering from Oral cancer. And every day I used to sit beside his bed and helplessly see him fight for life. He was lucky to survive cancer twice but the last time in 1999 he succumbed to it. When he was diagnosed with cancer for the first time the doctors suggested him to quit smoking. And the second time they suggested him to undergo a surgery. And one of the two acts would have added more years to his life. But he knew the doctors were only encouraging him. And he was not afraid to die. He wanted to live life his way. People might call it stubbornness but I call it courage. He endured his illness silently without ever complaining of the pain that was killing him inside. He was not one of those people who complained about everything in life. In the last days when he couldn't speak anything he used a paper and pen to tell things to people. Gradually he stopped seeing people. He didn't want people to pity him. He wanted to die fighting it. All he taught me was to endure pain and embrace life as it comes, without complaining. Though not physically present, we still share a special connection. He still guides me in my life.

Even today after thirteen years people from his life who worked with him or knew him then come to meet my family and talk about him. I am mesmerised and wonder of the magic he did on people. He was my God. His undying faith gave him thirty more years. I am yet to come across a man stronger than him. He was the gentlest of man and the best man in my life.

"Sometimes it takes just a moment to create a memory of a lifetime..."


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