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Happiness is presence

This is the secret to happiness.

Where do I begin? So this concept of here and now. Living in here and now without thinking ahead or behind. To think behind would inevitably be to think ahead since, why else would you look back? You already know what has passed so unless you are using the past as an indicator for the future, therefore allowing yourself to try and control what is to happen, what is in the past is irrelevant to anything. This concept begins with how one sees life as a whole. The caterpillar does not think about becoming a butterfly; when it happens, it happens, and that's that. One does not choose to be born, one is just born. After birth, you quickly develop skill. You have no thoughts, other than what is happening now and you will never remember what just happened. You are a baby, and by living in the now you grow without even realizing it. Patterns begin to form; you burned yourself on the stove once, you will not touch it again, you do not touch it because you just don't. You don't form the thought “oh, I shouldn't touch this stove because it can burn me.” you just don't touch it. That's that. These instincts go hand in hand with vibrations. The same kind that you feel when someone is upset; without even giving the slightest hint that they are upset you just know. It's the same idea as the spider who can feel fear and reacts accordingly. Vibrations are true knowledge. In the sense that after truly learning something, we no longer think, we just know. This is when knowledge “sticks” and you will never forget. These bits of knowledge pile up and develop your entire way of thinking and acting: “maturing.” One does not think about how to become “mature.” It just happens. Why? Because this knowledge that becomes instinct becomes action. If you were to think of your life as a book, you will understand what I mean: While reading a novel, you move slowly and process what is happening. You begin to formulate thoughts and knowledge about the character, setting, time, etc. These thoughts build throughout the book. You are reading word by word. If you flip back a few pages, you will become bored, why do you need to read that? It already happened, it has already allowed you to understand what is presently going on. You flip forward a chapter. What the fuck is happening? You don't get it. Why? Because it's the future. It is already written and determined, why you don't get what is happening is because you are missing all of the middle stuff. The present moments that pile up and become the future, or another present moment. So why a novel? If you read a textbook, say about U.S. History, you can flip from chapter one to chapter eight to chapter three, and not be confused because they are all associated with a certain time; one that has already passed. Hey, but when you're reading a book and you flip to the future, and you don't like the way it's going, you can just re-write it. No. Because then it would change the story which is predetermined. No one would like the book. You would ruin the book. The book is written. It is published. If you re-wrote it it would be a different book. Life doesn't work like that. If you re-write it, you will only have re-written it based off of what you know has happened. The book would become very drab and boring. The same shit would keep happening and the reader will not have learned anything. Re-writing would be like stopping in the middle of the book and “imagining” what the ending is. The ending is written. Be patient, enjoy what you're reading while reading it, and the ending will get there. By re-writing the book, you're missing all of the knowledge you could gain. (I am speaking about a book you have never read, since life is something you have never done. It is new to you and you can't read it again because once it's over, it's over. Your experience reading the book for the first time will no longer be the same.) Re-writing the book is like having a child. You have read the book, you like it, but you could change a few things, you re-write it based on what you read. Your child is a re-writing of that book. You can only teach them what you have read up to this point and as they mature they begin following their own book, one that you don' t know about.
Vibrations. Jordan told me that I was experiencing the same things over and over again, the same disappointments because “people could tell...” People could tell. I was determining my future by thinking of the past. Things were repeating themselves because I made them repeat themselves by practicing only what I have learned up to that point. I stopped living in the now and kept focusing on how my experiences in the past can change the result of the future. In all reality it was just allowing history to repeat itself. My story is going nowhere. Because I keep flipping backward so I can skip ahead. There's so much to say. This concept. It's what makes love happen. “It always happens when you're least expecting it to.” Things will happen on their own, it is predetermined. There's no changing it.
Vibrations. These things that “just happen” do so because they happen when one keeps reading. No earlier, no sooner. Just now.
“Lay not up your treasures where moth and rust doth corrupt.”

“Getting what you don't want, even getting what you want in this physical world is going to be suffering because you're going to lose it! It's always in time! Anything that is in time is going to pass away.”
The future, even if you re-write it, will end. It is inevitable because it is time. Anything in time will end. By trying to save yourself, you hurt yourself. You cling to something that will end.

Results will happen. Don't think about them. Focus on now. Focus on newness. Practice uniting everything. Practice these things and soon you will unknowingly have learned new things. Just read. It could get better or worse. That's why you want to read, because you are curious to see what will happen but you can't hit that point until you have read every page and experienced the middle stuff. You can set yourself up for sadness if you try to predict ahead and you are wrong. Or even if you are right, you destroy the excitement and there is nothing.

“Cross that bridge when you get there.”
Living stress-free and happy requires one to come to the realization that life is predetermined. Even if you try to control it, it is happening the way it is supposed to. No turning back. No skipping forward. Pause. “You determine your life, by thinking about your future.” No. Revert back to how life is determined. Look at your life as a line. The line is traveling, it can not go backwards. IT CAN NOT GO BACKWARDS THEREFORE YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IT'S COURSE. It will hit a wall, guaranteed, the line is not infinite. You can make the line turn any direction as long as it's not backwards, therefore, the line can not cross itself. You can not re-live, or re-write the book, at any point. The line finally hits the wall. Look at the line. You can not change it. You have made it turn in different directions but the final result is that it went from start to finish. Your line could look like a zig-zag, while someone else's could look like a straight line. They are still both lines and that's how they turned out. Even though you chose to make it turn a certain way, you have chosen how to go about hitting the same point.
Time is happening. By attaching yourself to one point and trying to prevent the line from going any further, you're just drawing a straight line. Nothing changes. The line will always end. You have accomplished nothing by clutching to the start. We must follow our instincts, and not worry about things we can not control. We have no control. By realizing this we can calmly and happily proceed. We will begin to learn new things, and appreciate surroundings. One living in this mindset could be content with the bare minimum in life. One who is worrisome and foolish, assuming that living in the past can change the future, can have anything in the world, and still be worrisome.

Think about how the best things happen when one stops trying to make them happen.
GENUINELY, LIVE IN THE NOW. Within yourself. Don't just say you will. Do it. Repress the worries. Let life happen. Do what you do, not because


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