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I never imagined something so miraculous would occur in my life.

I never imagined something so miraculous would occur in my life. At a time of great peril that was impacting my fragile life, something so unexpected occurred. When all hope was lost, when all my plans were slowly coming to their end, and when all my days were to be no more, I met the most wonderful, fascinating, and inspirational girl I ever laid eyes on. Her first "Hello" was my first skipping of a heartbeat. I never imagined something so strange and unlikely to happen to me. For once in my life, I actually starting to care about someone that I had strong feelings for since that day we met. As time gradually grew, days grew slimmer and slimmer and my chances thinner and thinner to try to be with her. My first impression: this is just a game God is playing with me. Just like my life, there is no rhyme or reason to this. Yet, as time flew faster, the thought persisted about that girl who talked to me everyday; the girl who hugged me everyday; the girl that I wanted to kiss so dearly. One day, I broke. The day we walked down the same path that we took after school everyday was the day that was so unexpected. We sat down on the stairs and talked like normal. Yet, my heart fluttered faster and faster and I felt the time was now and not later. With the mindset of only a fool, I confessed that I like her. I felt like the world's biggest fool and the world's idiot who should be yelled at for committing evil against the doctrine of being a man. Yet, she confessed back that she like me as well. We were there. We were close. We became more than friends in that single moment. Our bodies grew closer to one another. Our hearts combined. Our minds at ease. Our lips locked. I looked into her beautiful, other-worldly eyes and I knew from that moment on, she would be the one. She would be the one I would spend the entirety of my life with. The idea of having a girlfriend as my lover has become the most sensational feeling I never imagined. To this day, the feeling is unreal. Never would I have imagined to be with someone like her. Thoughts that once invaded my mind with careless thinking are gone. The bond between me and the end of my life no longer exists. No matter how many trials and tribulations we go through, no matter what happens in our life and affairs, no matter what coexists in this world with the person I now love and admire more than anyone or anything, I will always and forever be faithful to her. She is my love. She is my life. She is my miracle.


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