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When I first saw you

Who knew I'd give you evrything, and never regret a thing.

Freshman year of High School, mid-January, last day of exams and we got out of school at 10:48. As I was walking towards the back entrance/exit of the school I saw my friend Emily sitting on the benches waiting to get picked, as I was about be. I sat down and started talking to her and a boy walked by, saw Emily, waved and sat down. As they were talking I was judging him and watching him, I had no idea what to think, he was awkward but cute, nerdy but charming. 10 minutes passed and then Emily left, it was just us left sitting there awkwardly. He gave me a picture he drew in CADD, and we started talking or more he was talking. I loved watching him talk, I swear he must’ve told a million stories and made up a million tales but I just couldn’t stop looking into his beautiful eyes, his icy blue, captivating eyes. I felt so comfortable around him suddenly forgetting about my braces and shiny face from a day of school, he was so animated, and he really knew his stuff, but those eyes. Eventually, rolled around and a passing teacher asked us to leave considering how late it had been since school ended, we shook hand never losing eye contact and realized we didn’t even know each others name! "I'm Zach" he said smiling ear to ear, "I'm Bree; it was so nice to meet you." I exclaimed, I couldn’t help but smile the same. Then, as we finally parted never exchanging numbers or anything but our names, a tight handshake and the brilliance of our eyes locked together, I knew that he was something special, something beautiful, something new and he needed to be mine. I thought he was angel; I was so convinced he was, I even told one of my friends. He was a dream come true, but there was no way to contact him. Until a few days before Valentines Day, I continues dating my current boyfriend, Luke, at that time and then he dumped me, I was distraught, almost forgetting about Zach. Then, for whatever reason-me having nothing to do with it-Emily gave Zach my number that same day, and he came to my rescue we talked for a week until I asked right before class started on Thursday the 18th of February I finally asked if he wanted to meet me after school to hangout around downtown Fenton until 5:00pm he agreed and our magical evening began at 2:30. We walked to cafe` aroma and he got a Mnt. dew we sat and talked for ever talking about our families and divorce and silly stuff and about our lives. They were both sad and some ways but we eventually hugged through our conversation, it was so awkward and nice...the kind that make you smile. But one the way back we held hands as he walked me to the music studio downtown for my music lessons, I wanted to tell him I liked him so bad but I was so afraid he didn’t like me, him being a senior and me merely a freshman. Since I wouldn’t tell him what I wanted to say he threatened to bite me I didn’t believe him and I challenged him and eventually he bite me, so passionately and affectionately....yet still I couldn’t tell him. Finally once we got behind the studio he asked me simply and coolly, "Do you dig me as much as I dig you?" I was bursting with excitement I quietly answered "Yes" and we fell into our first kiss, I swear the world was spinning and sparks flew everywhere, I knew right then, he was my perfect everything. I missed my guitar lesson and the owners wife of the studio had bee looking for me and called my mom, she saw Zach and I walking from the back of the studio to the front and we ran right into her car smacking front of us, I introduced Zach and then rushed to inside to my lesson head still spinning, not even realizing I was dragging Zach by the arm upstairs with me. Introduced him to my teacher, and he left. My mom found out and was instantly grounded for a month phone and everything. He waited for me and we started dating March 23rd with my parent’s permission. We've been together 1&1/2yrs now, who knew I’d give you everything, and never regret a thing.


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