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That first step into the ocean all I registered was the cold, unlike the heat from the sun that beat down on my face and arms. The farther I walked, the more the waters taunted me with their song. The noise on the beach seemed to die away; the need I had to immerse my self in the waves was so great, that the crashing sounds were all I could hear. Standing chest deep in the water I felt as if I had returned to the beginning of my life. Indeed, I had returned to the beginning of all life. I stood there, trying to stay upright, and soaked in that moment of enlightenment. I glanced back at the beach and everything returned to me. I could see women, lying on the beach, roasting. I heard my name being called, a voice telling me that I was getting too deep, and to come back to the sand. Turning around, I trudged back to land, thinking to myself...I'll return someday.


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Tomorrowland "Daisy, F3," my son Archer says as we pull into our parking spot. Disneyland’s about to open and we've arrived, just the two of us, our last hoorah before school starts. *** The alarm goes off and I pull the pillow tightly over my head. My husband, Hal, offers to wake the kids so I roll over, fall back asleep until Archer's voice wakes me, this time for good. "Hi, Mommy. It's …
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With Both Hands Whenever I think of my mother, my mind flips to this story. Not to the whole story, but right to the middle of it, the worst moments of it. For me, that's where the story always starts. My mother was beating the hell out of me. The first few blows seemed to come from every direction as I grabbed my nightgown and pulled it over my head, not …
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Reasons to be Thankful By Robert Israel They scraped me off the street, my bicycle in a heap nearby, and ever so gingerly placed me on the gurney. A crowd of curious onlookers watched intently, thankful they were not being loaded onto the ambulance. The nurses at the hospital were calming as nurses are wont to be, and administered an intravenous tube of morphine, and soon everything around me became fuzzy and numb, and the …
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