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Saving a life

There is aways a new journey ahead

Saving, scrimping and doing without. My loved ones are safe and secure, yet what about me. Horses have represented life, love, hope and loss within my life. They defined me and taught me more about love, caring and selflessness when all around me spiraled crazily up and down, a spinning top of a life.
Every empty field I passed, there was a horse in it and I had to stop, get out and connect through a warm, velvety muzzle gently blowing sweetly scented, earthy breath against my cheek. All was right within me and I could pass a few more years horseless.

Their pull was orbital and I was trapped within their sphere. My first horse was a gift from a friend and I was twenty five, going through the death of my father and the loss of my first marriage. We traveled miles and miles together on those warm summer days that sparkled brighter for our connection. He carried me to ribbons and safety over all obstacles from park benches, to gaily painted jumps in dusty dry arenas. He saved me. His loss two years later was the greatest loss of a friend that I had ever had and he still owns a piece of my heart. I became reborn because of him and that enabled me to fall in love again, build the farm I always wanted and do all the things I dreamed of at seventeen.

I am now fifty three and horseless for fourteen years. Years and loss just seem to fall together and life is never still. I have had more blessings than not and have a belief today that time can overcome all loss. And spiritual growth is never stagnant.

Now there is Chance, in both a name and an opportunity. Having been an animal advocate for all my life, I fight abuse on a daily basis. Deciding to rescue a horse was not a decision I made lightly. I watched the auction houses where horses often find the end of their road too young. I followed the dedicated rescues that work tirelessly to save horses with whatever funds are available and I want to be the one with the time and money and land to do more. But I am not. I can only do it one horse at a time. Chance is that horse for me. Half Arab...maybe half Thoroughbred and only five years old. Two hundred dollars saved his life and he saved mine. He was sneezing and coughing with nasal drainage and he did not know me. After the bill was paid, I went back to see him again. He walked easily towards me, ears forward. He bumped his head into my chest and nuzzled his velvet nose into my shirt, It was love. He wrapped his head and neck over my shoulder and across my torso in a hug and it was right. The expession on my face: Joy!
There is always a new journey ahead and I think, if I can do good and save lives, then how can life be bad.


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