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Master class in acting

That is part of the reason my writing life has been blessed. The only things I love more than that are God, my wife and my church. When I did it for a living, I took the money (I'm not a fool or a hypocrite) but felt a certain crushing for the spirit perhaps from seeing the darker side of humanity. My first job for a small town paper had me covering five murder trials in five years. I found friendship and fulfillment through my writing for pleasure in my subject--oldtime radio and TV. I think there was a certain charm and gentleness to the radio and TV product of the 1940 and 50s that is missing now. I've just begun a project on the Loretta Young Show from the 1950s and her family has been very helpful to someone who's basically a stranger to them. (No, not the type of stranger from the movie of that name she did with Orson Welles.) For those interested in acting, the show can be a master class in the field as with minor exceptions, Miss Young played a different character each week. That's another thing you won't often see in modern entertainment is actors taking that kind of risk. Risk, like it or not, is a part of life.


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