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Eternal Bliss

He being a romantic obliged.

I was on vacation with several teacher friends in Puerto Rico during winter break in 1966. We were on the elevator going down from our room to the beach when I remembered that we forgot the football.

I got off and told them I would meet them on the beach. Two minutes later I was back on the elevator and looking at the most beautiful 23 year old woman I had ever seen.
We struck up a conversation and went our separate ways on the beach. My friends and I manufactured a party in our room for that night and the beauty from the elevator and her friends attended.

We remained together for the rest of her vacation in PR (she had a New Year's date in NY that she was obligated to keep), and said goodbye.
I did not even have her address or phone number, but being resourceful, I convinced the desk clerk that misplaced it and would he please give it to me again. He being a romantic obliged.

Two weeks later while sitting in a class, I wrote her a letter and asked for a date.

We were married on August 20, 1977 and the past 43 years (two sons, two daughter-in-law, and six grandchildren) have been the best of my life.
My moment came when I carried the football on the elevator and won the game of life.


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