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Backwards letters

People waited until I belived I was stupid and I couldn't do anything right to tell me.

They waited until 8th grade to get me tested. After 6 hours of homework a night and struggling in every subject I finaly get help. After 7 years of straight As they said, "You're smart, so we can't help you". I don't care care if it took hours and hours, even though I was in fith grade, I would get an A, because thats who I am.

"You are deffinetly dyslexic. I don't know why the hell no one knew before!" said the eye dr. who was obviesly mad. My new school sent me there right away after transfering.

8 years, I thought I was stupid. I thought I was slow and useless. In the real world, who would want to hire someone who it took 4 hours to compleat a task that would take a "normal" woman and hour. After 8 years in school, you told me it wasn't my fault, and im not stupid? People waited until I belived I was stupid and I couldn't do anything right to tell me. By eighth grade, I had already delt with depression for 3 years, I lost all confidences because I was always made fun of for reading alound scinse 1st grade. I stopped my pastion of writing because I was made fun of my stupid spelling mastacs. It went beyound reading, it led into my everyday life. The letters I saw on the page were back wards. The way I was with other people my age, seemed I was walking the wrong way, back wards.It came to the point were nothing mattered. I planned to kill myself. I mean, whats the point in living if you can't do any thing right.

"Dyslexic!?! I knew it!" My mom said. Great just one more disorder to add to my life. Eating, sleeping, anxiety, panic, depression, and self ingury now, a reading and learning disability? Great!

"Walt Disney, Whoopi Goldburg, Thomas Edison,
Albert Einstein, JFK, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and John Lennon alll suffer from dyslexia." I Googled "Dyslexia" and I found lists of sucssful people that see words the same as I do. Under that it said, "The gift of dyslexia"

Its a gift! It has NOTHING to do with how smart you are. My IQ was much higher than average and my writing was at advanced college level while I was in eighth grade. Being dyslexic means you are more creative and artistic. I am now in an art school and looking into double majoring in it in college.

“Dyslexia is not due to lack of intelligence, it’s a lack of access. It’s like, if you’re dyslexic, you have all the information you need, but find it harder to process.”-Orlando Bloom, also has dyslexia, and put the words perfectly. Now, in high school, I remember the eye dr telling me. And at that moment, I realised I had an advantage at life, and it changed how I look at everything.


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