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The tale of a kitten

I loved him with everything from that moment on.

It was raining late November. I was so excited I couldn't sit still as we made our 40 minutes journey. I ran from the car to the door quickly. Partly because of the rain and mostly because of the new love that was to join our family. We sat on on the couch and she brought over 3 beautiful babies. They sat on our laps and as we were ready to pet them; one ran off, another scratched my ex, and the third one fall on his side right in the center of us and waited for us to love him. He was the only one that wanted to stay and didn't care. He just chilled on our laps. Yet, at this piont we also thought he was a she. Abigail Jean was named! Small enough to fit in my hand and big enough to fill my heart. I tucked him into my jacket to hide him from the rain. Afraid he started to cry. Once settled in the car, I took him out explain his new life and off we went. I loved him with everything from that moment on. We took him home after getting his litter box and put him on the bed. So small, so beautiful, and so fluffy. He was like this tiny little puff ball of love. I never wanted to let go of him. I gave him more kisses than any one person has recieved and held him for hours. Three years later he is now a huge puff ball and is the littlest love of my life. His daddy is gone but his mama will never leave him. He will forever have my heart.


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