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1993. Divorced (from the second husband) since 1992. One thing good about husband #2 was that he always engaged my brain, and since the divorce, I felt that my brain was turning to mush. I stopped in for an introductory session at the then-new Cupertino (California) location of the University of San Francisco with the idle intention of getting my bachelor’s degree. Their program was one where you would take classes towards a BS or BA degree, but also gain general education credit for your life knowledge by writing papers on appropriate topics.

After a few months of hemming and hawing, and on a night where I was just plain old bored, I decided what the hell, showed up on their doorstep and said I wanted to sign up for the next session, due to start in 3 weeks. When the registration agent asked "which program?" It occurred to me that I hadn't even given any thought to that, I just wanted to go to school, to learn, to re-engage my mushy brain. So, she made me pick: Organizational Behavior or Information Systems Management. I had been working in Information Technology for almost 10 years, so Organizational Behavior sounded pretty exotic. I asked her what it was and the way she described it, and it WAS pretty exotic. (I realize now it was a Human Resources program, about as un-exotic as you can get.)

I had my mouth open to sign up for that one, when she said that because I was already in IT, writing papers for the ISM program made a lot of sense, that I could get lots of credit for those 10 years. I quickly shut my mouth and thought for a bit. When it opened again, my mouth said "ISM." That one decision propelled me towards what I consider the "third half" of my life. It took me from being a COBOL programmer to vice president at a financial institution and then to a self-employed (and incredibly happy) copy editor, from 1-bedroom apartment dweller to 2-bedroom condo owner to 5-bedroom/3-bath/half-acre homeowner, from Geo Storm owner to BMW owner. All because during that class, the one I signed up for because of a random act of laziness, I met the man who would become my friend, my new boss, my new husband, who made my heart - and my newly energized brain - soar. Nothing against Organizational Behaviorists, but I think ISM was the better choice.


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