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Hearts Transplant

One Moment, One Heart

Another first date, yet this one felt like it would somehow be different. We'd been connected by profiles but our online communications were extraordinary in that he had the ability to read what I'd purposely written "between the lines." We'd both had long previous marriages; mine was 28 years of marriage to a ghost and his was a 36 year sentence of a verbally abusive banshee.

We were not just empathetic based on our lonely past but from the time he was 12 and I a tender age of 8, we'd both chosen identical musical preferences, foods consumed in the same quirky ritualistic manner, seasonal cravings visually as well as audibly. The odd part though is that we were not even of the same country. I was Kerry born and raised on "the Dingle" in the South West Ireland. Our wee village of Ballyferriter (Baile an Fheirtéaraigh) had perhaps 200 hearty souls while my date was from North Providence, Rhode Island. We had totally different socio-economic backgrounds, parental influences, and geographic surroundings yet here was a person that from the first moment he saw me through the windshield knew that we were connected soul-to-soul, mind-to-mind, and heart-to-heart. That one moment changed our lives forever. All the joys of our past were immediately shared and joined as one and all the pain and neglect we'd experienced through different experiences were soothed with a healing balm of a compassionate, loving heart.

That one lightning bolt millesecond of seeing yourself reflected in someone else's eyes and being totally accepted, understood and cherished has encapsulated us still. Four and a half years of bearing each other's burdens, sharing of our innermost thoughts and bearing the ultimate expressions of loving ecstasy carried out in simplest of actions and words. Small Post-It notes on a mug of steaming tea, an article thoughtfully clipped awaiting discovery in an unusual place or the kiss placed on a pillow as we make the bed together to insure each other's sweet dreams in the night to come are a few of the "Gifts of Self" that we continuously share. On the first date a toast was made and every night since then we share a different reflection of gratitude for the day, and a wish for many days yet to come; each to be explored and treasured together.

This moment in time was almost sacrificed by me when it was discovered three weeks into our relationship that I was being attacked by the insidious Fibromyalgia and hadn't an inkling of how my active, productive life would suddenly be flipped upside down. I begged my already "Beloved" to consider all the consequences that our continued commitment would have to endure. Without the slightest of hesitation, another "moment" occurred and he pledged to making our lives together one life of care, support, love, respect and all the happiness we could create. Stunned for once into absolute silence (which is rare for an Irish woman) tears of joy and peace swept through me cleansing all my fears and silencing my crying heart. One moment, two lives, one heart.

One moment has now turned into millions that are shared with 1 cat, 5 Silken Windhounds, 1 Red Fox and many two legged friends. Those around us feel our glow of genuine joie de vivre and warm themselves round our hearth, table or wherever we make merry, which happens to be almost everywhere. Salespeople at shops seem to brighten with our silly repartee and invitations to share in one of our escapades never go without a grand following.

One moment? One solitary moment... joined two Hearts, many lives and a limitless appreciation for the simplest moment when time reversed and then suddenly began a heart's rebirth.


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