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Growing up in an affluent suburb of New York, it is not unusual to see women’s wrists, fingers, and necks wrapped in silver and gold, and diamonds dripping from their skin like droplets of water. At twenty-one-years-old, only a golden scarab pendant hung from my neck, suspended in a crawl close to my heart. Some thought it resembled a beetle, the most abundant and varied species on the planet, and …

“Life always changes. Things don’t stay bad forever.” – My mom.

When it comes to remembering dates--be it birthdays, anniversaries, special events--I’m the go-to gal. I’ve always had this knack for keeping a calendar stored in my head, but there are two dates that stand out above all the rest.
June 17, 2006. …

She gives my heart a warm feeling of safety.
I can sleep.
Her laugh, contagious.
Laughed for hours over simple nothings.
Her wisdom sincere.
I miss her and would give anything to feel grandma's love one more time.

It was a beautiful, peaceful day for me and I had an inner smile beaming right through me as I walked down the streets of Brooklyn. I came across …

It could have been any number of moments: The day my parents told me they were getting a divorce. The day my mother made my father explain how he had embezzled money. The day I found out about his affairs, at least one of which was with a mother from my sister's class. The day I realized that he had lied to me about where he had gotten …

It had been a wrenching day. My daughter and I fought, loved and worked out way through five years of tragedy, worry, loss, blame, guilt and fear. My heart ached because, after taking an oath to the universe that this would never happen, I had become her daughter. I had been careless with my girl. The circumstances aside, I hadn't tending this precious 29 year old …

"The saddest thing in life is wasted talent” A Bronx Tale

Wasted talent... A life lived in silence, never making a splash, never making a statement, or taking a stand. You clock in on Monday and clock out 25 years later and for the life of you, you can’t account for the time spent... Talents wasted, a life lived in smoldering frustration that this is all there …

I have been through a lot in my 36 years. I was served in the israeli navy seals, seen lot of death, injuries, missing parts of the body and blood. I was in helicopter crash on February 5 1997 that affect my life for next 10 years which I was afraid doing all the crazy things I have used to do. Coming, flying, scuba diving and etc... But after all …

I have been through a lot in my 36 years. I was served in the israeli navy seals, seen lot of death, injuries, missing parts of the body and blood. I was in helicopter crash on February 5 1997 that affect my life for next 10 years which I was afraid doing all the crazy things I have used to do. Coming, flying, scuba diving and etc... But after all …

Thirteen years down the memory lane as I trace back my life, something hazy and unclear crosses my mind. The video of my life is rewinded back to the day I was born. Well of course I don't remember anything from the initial years of my life. All I can think of is my Grandfather. I was named Yashashvi (it means a successful person in Sanskrit) by him because he …

I was 27 years old and surfing on the coast of El Salvador when my heart stopped. I had just finished my Master’s program a few months before, and was in the country doing volunteer work. My little brother came to visit for two weeks and we decided to head to La Libertad, on the ocean. That morning I was up early, taking in the buttery light on the …

“John, your mom wants to talk to you.”
I recognize the voice. It’s Marian, my mother-in-law’s neighbor at the assisted living facility.
“She wonders if you’re going to church today.”
Jane usually leaves crazy messages on our machine. It seems that she’s now getting her friends involved.
“Or, perhaps you’re not home.”
“Anyway…[long pause], call her when you get a chance.”
I erase the message, and then …

I have always had this really wierd alarm clock. It was pink, small and had countless scracthes from when it would fall off my bunk bed. The alarm would go off now matter how you would set it. If the alarm was off it would still ring. It was pretty wacked-up.

So the other day I got a new alarm clock. It was black, big, and had a built …

Where do I begin? So this concept of here and now. Living in here and now without thinking ahead or behind. To think behind would inevitably be to think ahead since, why else would you look back? You already know what has passed so unless you are using the past as an indicator for the future, therefore allowing yourself to try and control what is to happen, what is in …

Our lives are shaped by “watershed moments” large and small. Some we have control over, many we do not. Some moments cause joy and success; others cause heartache and regret. Either way they profoundly influence and change the course of our lives. It is not always the-lady-or-the-tiger decisions that cause our lives to veer in one direction or another; sometimes it can be as simple or mundane as …

Reading my daughter's entry in "The Moment" from Smith Magazine was a real highlight. I felt a deep satisfaction knowing my daughter had grown up and was providing articulate, thoughtful commentary on the world in the 21st Century.

The world is becoming increasingly saturated with literature that will be available to those who will live after us. I am proud of my daughter for being …

My life changed with just one question. My boyfriend and I went to Portugal for a trip, we were going to spend two weeks on an island that was beautiful. My boyfriend and I were already on the island for about a week when he took me to this spot where his mother used to go. He stopped the car, put on the song Wish You Were Here by Pink …

Just a matter of flipping a switch in one's mind.

Why Me?
The answer I don’t see.
Why Me?
Someone else, couldn’t it be?
Why me?
I bark, different meaning than has a tree.
Why me?
Life is full of difficulty.
Why me?
Surrounded by all this insanity.
Why me?
I began to stand tall, feet on ground, solidly.
Why me?
Is that the sun poking out so sneakily?Read more »

Maria Petrides

Sirens of distressed ambulances warned the walking busybodies of the city that they must get somewhere immediately. Heads turned swiftly as gravel hurled to their feet from the speed of the ambulance. Murmuring sounds of people anxiously trying to get to their 9-hour shifts on time could be heard like a fading beat, as they rushed into the underground wondering whether there were to be a delay …

I was a new nurse and an even newer mom. I just started a new job at a local hospital. After a few days of orientation I was relegated to a position of an "extra" nurse. All the nurses on duty assigned me a patient to care for.

One of the nurses assigned me a patient who was in full blown AIDS. I …

I was 19 yeas old and after taking a year off between high school and college I was ready to go back to school. I was enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside and working as a waitress at the tony "Valentines" restaurant. On my way to work, I had seen posters for "The Rose" - a replica of a 19th century square rigger - visiting the Racine Harbor. I …
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The Moment Book

Moments from the SMITH Community

Tomorrowland "Daisy, F3," my son Archer says as we pull into our parking spot. Disneyland’s about to open and we've arrived, just the two of us, our last hoorah before school starts. *** The alarm goes off and I pull the pillow tightly over my head. My husband, Hal, offers to wake the kids so I roll over, fall back asleep until Archer's voice wakes me, this time for good. "Hi, Mommy. It's …
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With Both Hands Whenever I think of my mother, my mind flips to this story. Not to the whole story, but right to the middle of it, the worst moments of it. For me, that's where the story always starts. My mother was beating the hell out of me. The first few blows seemed to come from every direction as I grabbed my nightgown and pulled it over my head, not …
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Reasons to be Thankful By Robert Israel They scraped me off the street, my bicycle in a heap nearby, and ever so gingerly placed me on the gurney. A crowd of curious onlookers watched intently, thankful they were not being loaded onto the ambulance. The nurses at the hospital were calming as nurses are wont to be, and administered an intravenous tube of morphine, and soon everything around me became fuzzy and numb, and the …
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