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When you first looked me in the eye.

I have three girls;two I know, one I don't. As we're driving down the highway to a destination I thought I had memorized we"re steadily getting drunk on the party's booze. The drive was going to be an hour and a half anyway, so I didn't object, we're all underage and looking for a thrill. Slowly but surely their clothes came dangling in my face and if …

Everyone has experienced that special moment in life; something that made them change who they are, how they look, what they do, and the choices they make in life. The moment that I experienced was unbelievably –

without a doubt life changing. It has helped me grow, and learn about how people will treat you because of a belief they have. I learned that because of …
As he walked through the door,
I could smell it.
That scent always terrified me,
since I was young till now.
He promised me he'll never get drunk again,
but once again he had broken that promise.
My mother and him always fought
About the stupidest thing when he was like that.
I guess I had gotten used them arguing this way
But I was also scared …

It was a sunny day. I was 3 years old. My mom and I were in our backyard playing on the slide. After we got done playing we went inside for the day. My mom turned on the news. I asked my mom, “Why is daddy on the news?” She told me, “Honey, he did something bad.” It affected me because I was used to waking up every morning seeing …

Cuando yo tenía treinta años, tuve un accidente cerebrovascular. Estuve muy asustada por mí y mis hijos. Yo tuve mucha suerte y, ahora, yo siempre aprecio cada día de mi vida.

Gossip can deeply kill the soul of the speaker, and can hurt the heart of the victim more than it should. i was 11 when my sisters stopped talking and weren't freinds any more.. it effcted me and the way my family functioned, in other words it damaged my heart and since they never really talked as much i never got to do alot of fun stuff with them …

Gossip can deeply kill the soul of the speaker, but it can damage the heart of the victim even more than and that is how that moment from the words out a mouth cahnged the way i how close relationships between " freinds" can end in a minuete!!

The shots were muffled, coming from inside the house. I was securing the outside as other detectives made their way through the house, trying to find the drug dealer that had sold crack cocaine to an undercover officer earlier that day.
A warrant had been obtained, and plans made. The team was shorthanded, and they asked me to go along. I was happy to help. I had a knack …

IF you choose to call me anything, I'd rather it simply be 'queer', it's a more direct and honest word than 'gay', which has long been a tired, worn-out 'BEE-ACH'. A painted doll with old makeup on it, that's 'gay'. Besides, the word 'queer' has just that right edginess to it as it steps naked into the New Millenium.

Needless to say, both 'gay' and 'queer' are totally …

My exceptional joy crashed into horrid disappointment with that one text message. I think of that night and the following day spent fighting to keep the friendship intact and to keep my hope alive, combating the growing suspicion that it was the beginning of the end. Yet by fulfilling my worst fear—days without you—I realized I didn’t need you anymore. I only need me.

I went with a friend to a psychic and the psychic told me my marriage couldn't be saved by just me.i knew i had tried everything including counseling for me and for him bu t he would never go. praying wasn't working either. that day i decided to stop doing it all by my
self.that was the the beginning of the end of my marriage

There are some moments in life that we just don’t see coming. One could call these life’s moments or cause and effect; some may call this the reckoning of long past decisions finally coming to fruition. Nevertheless, I often think about how extraordinary the chain of events are that brought me to where I am. I am a child of dysfunction, abuse and pain. Yet, at nine years old, I …

Was in college, was bored at college. Dropped out, got teaching certificate, moved to the jungles of Indonesia. Learned the heart and passion of man really is in the wild. I was only 20 when I left. Now feel 98.

Triple checked the door. Recently reports of burglaries on my very street. NY City thought they saw traffic jams, well, I double dog-dare them to even come close to the causeways in my neck of the woods. You know how the Good Year Blimp, overhead Times Square, estimates and announces how many people are in attendance as the Rockefeller Tree is …

I respect atheists for two reasons: (there's probably more, but these are the most salient) (1) atheists are my brothers and sisters (once a hippie, always a hippie!) and (2) above all else, atheists cherish what I cherish, namely, freedom of thought.

Alas, after reading atheistic black-hole monologues, the Holy Bible, the Koran, the teachings of Buddha, the Tao's ancient I Ching and many other sacred texts, I have …

Escaped. On my way to paradise.

She chose me from among the others hanging out on the beach. The fishing boats were idle. There were no waves, only the gentle wake of water lapping the shore darkened by twilight and wet sand and debris.
I was aware that I was being watched. I turned to look at the eyes that were watching me. They belonged to an olive-skinned woman who wore short cropped dark hair, …

ONE of the greatest six words ever written -a question that led humanity to intensive introspection- was Shakespeare's famous line 'To be or not to be?.' At the end of the 20th century Britain's Beatles would push that English bard's thought further with their uplifting song 'Let It be', whose lyrics soothingly 'rapped' the entire planet.

You cannot bring truth to illusions, but you can bring (your) illusions to …

When I looked into your eyes that first time, I saw something spanning out in front of me which I had never witnessed before; you had a vibe that went beyond welcome all the way to was uninhibited acceptance. You looked beyond my face, heard the truth between my words, and understood the subtleties of our conversation. That little "hello" we exchanged changed everything I ever thought I knew. As …
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Tomorrowland "Daisy, F3," my son Archer says as we pull into our parking spot. Disneyland’s about to open and we've arrived, just the two of us, our last hoorah before school starts. *** The alarm goes off and I pull the pillow tightly over my head. My husband, Hal, offers to wake the kids so I roll over, fall back asleep until Archer's voice wakes me, this time for good. "Hi, Mommy. It's …
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With Both Hands Whenever I think of my mother, my mind flips to this story. Not to the whole story, but right to the middle of it, the worst moments of it. For me, that's where the story always starts. My mother was beating the hell out of me. The first few blows seemed to come from every direction as I grabbed my nightgown and pulled it over my head, not …
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Reasons to be Thankful By Robert Israel They scraped me off the street, my bicycle in a heap nearby, and ever so gingerly placed me on the gurney. A crowd of curious onlookers watched intently, thankful they were not being loaded onto the ambulance. The nurses at the hospital were calming as nurses are wont to be, and administered an intravenous tube of morphine, and soon everything around me became fuzzy and numb, and the …
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