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Interview: Kathleen Rooney, author of For You, For You I Am Trilling These Songs

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Kathleen Rooney’s memoir is a collection of eleven essays that include references to both feminism and bikini waxes, tirades against plagiarism, reflections on what it means to work for a prominent state Senator, and meditations on nuns and humility.

Interview: Eugene Rubin, author of Headlock

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Eugene Rubin’s memoir Headlock: Chronicles of a Psychiatrist’s Son explores teenage angst in 1970s New York City as framed by the powerful hold of his celebrated psychiatrist/author father. Rubin explores the finer points of male adolescence while breaking down each anecdote in a way that only a psychiatrist can.

Interview: Dr. Laurie Ann Levin, author of God, the Universe, and Where I Fit In

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Dr. Laurie Ann Levin wrote her new memoir God, the Universe, and Where I Fit In to share her personal experiences as a Hollywood talent agent–turned Doctor of Clinical Psychology and spiritual guide.

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