Sweater weather…means it’s time for seasonal affective disorder to kick in!

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

By lisa

And/or that you can hide the fat.sculpted-fat.jpg

Remember having to face a whole new class of kids? Mean kids?

In case you’ve forgotten, or had a remarkably unremarkable childhood, check out Sarah Hyman’s piece, Numbers. “I know I will just end up hiding until I become the brunt of cruel jokes and scorn,” she writes, reminding us just how dreadful back-to-school season could be.

Or perhaps your angst was more  generalized. Or more serious.

Alyson Mayes captures well the emotional roller coaster of the teen years and begins to take us on a journey in  Stopping for Lunch . “I wondered why they had chosen mauve, if they thought it had some therapeutic benefits or if it was just the cheapest or the one they thought looked the best.”

It’s a great moment to catch our collective breath. Be grateful for beautiful weather. And remember that creationism has no place in a public school. Where do these people who are so afraid of terrorists think the terrorists came from? Oh yeah. That’s RIGHT. It was the mullahs in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan that actually birthed terrorism, that crazy combination of — keep breathing — religion leading education.

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