Fun With Oddballs

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

By piper

All you millions of Memoirville regulars out there (hi Dad!) have probably noticed that I dig Hillary Carlip (read an exceprt from her memoir Queen of the Oddballs here). I also dig Rachel Kramer Bussel, a sex columnist, cupcake enthusiast, and total book nerd (blog here). Last month, Rachel interviewed Hillary about soul mates, celebrity, and Carly Simon. The results are here.

Carlip has another new web presence too, and it seems like we’d be remiss not to bring it up. The Memoirists Collective is a group she’s started with three other memoirists to promote their own books and mentor the work of others.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell wrote I AM NOT MYSELF THESE DAYS, which made me laugh, cry, and kinda wanna be a gay hooker.

Maria Dahvana Headley wrote THE YEAR OF YES, in which we learn that going out with every shmo who asks is the way to catch a husband.

Danielle Trussoni wrote FALLING THROUGH THE EARTH, the story of her Vietnam Vet father and screwed-up, working-class family, about which I have nothing snarky to say.

Like all good personal media junkies, these writers met on myspace, and now they’re using it to run a contest. Check it out at Before you enter, you’ll probably want to submit your work to SMITH, so we can give you a trial run here on Memoirville.


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