Jewish Life What's the essence of your own or others' Jewish life in six words? en-us Copyright 2014 Larry Smith RSS 2.0 generation class <![CDATA[ Passover week. Reflection time? Nope, naps. ]]> Jewish Life by mamashake mamashake SMITH <![CDATA[ Throwback Thursday shoutout to eating bread. ]]> Jewish Life by misterjzip misterjzip SMITH <![CDATA[ Pseudo seder. something better than nothing. ]]> Jewish Life by Julia_Sturm Julia_Sturm SMITH <![CDATA[ Suprise specialty bar: it's passover food. ]]> Jewish Life by umidekok umidekok SMITH <![CDATA[ Hannukah&Thanksgiving; Passover&Blood Moon: Signs & Wonders. ]]> Jewish Life by zsuzsa zsuzsa SMITH <![CDATA[ Chocolate caramel almond matzoh. Shiksa's contribution. ]]> Jewish Life by marymc marymc SMITH <![CDATA[ Learned from bitters. Preserved by sweet. ]]> Jewish Life by Redx3 Redx3 SMITH <![CDATA[ Jewish in every way but religion. ]]> Jewish Life by marymc marymc SMITH <![CDATA[ The shema- my favorite six words. ]]> Jewish Life by liminal liminal SMITH <![CDATA[ Knowing god. eating food. community. happiness. ]]> Jewish Life by lydiamcleod lydiamcleod SMITH <![CDATA[ My Rabbi doesn't believe in God. ]]> Jewish Life by silhouette silhouette SMITH <![CDATA[ MIllions of lives lost because hate. ]]> Jewish Life by johnsond27 johnsond27 SMITH <![CDATA[ He or she was jewish? (compliment). ]]> Jewish Life by ColinDOLLAR ColinDOLLAR SMITH <![CDATA[ Jews can't be described in six. ]]> Jewish Life by ColinDOLLAR ColinDOLLAR SMITH <![CDATA[ Not so funny now, is it? ]]> Jewish Life by ColinDOLLAR ColinDOLLAR SMITH <![CDATA[ It's tough being Jewish isn't it. ]]> Jewish Life by Nrennis Nrennis SMITH <![CDATA[ Belive in my jewish friend jesus. ]]> Jewish Life by AmyMarieLove AmyMarieLove SMITH <![CDATA[ Hitler was my First Purim Hamin. ]]> Jewish Life by ZOHAR ZOHAR SMITH <![CDATA[ Want only Jewish mother while sick. ]]> Jewish Life by maryjane31 maryjane31 SMITH <![CDATA[ We say Shalom, Salaam not returned. ]]> Jewish Life by Ellis_Reyes Ellis_Reyes SMITH