Jewish Life What's the essence of your own or others' Jewish life in six words? en-us Copyright 2014 Larry Smith RSS 2.0 generation class <![CDATA[ God, Torah, Israel, Justice, Sacred Community. ]]> Jewish Life by HeidiC HeidiC SMITH <![CDATA[ Tattooed Jew who works at synagogue. ]]> Jewish Life by dinagirl726 dinagirl726 SMITH <![CDATA[ Shabbat: we unplug to really connect. ]]> Jewish Life by LilyJewel LilyJewel SMITH <![CDATA[ Israel taught me to think differently. ]]> Jewish Life by LilyJewel LilyJewel SMITH <![CDATA[ DOVEKEEPERS UNITE DOVEKEEPERS UNITE DOVEKEEPERS UNITE. ]]> Jewish Life by court2 court2 SMITH <![CDATA[ Worship Goddess. Collect tattoos. Bad Jew? ]]> Jewish Life by CariLara CariLara SMITH <![CDATA[ Let everything i do honor you. ]]> Jewish Life by KyraStark KyraStark SMITH <![CDATA[ Jewish connections! It's who you know. ]]> Jewish Life by Rebgreg Rebgreg SMITH <![CDATA[ IDK what to say on here. ]]> Jewish Life by SarahM1154 SarahM1154 SMITH <![CDATA[ I'm Jewish. Not Israeli. Thanks. Bye. ]]> Jewish Life by rachel_peck18 rachel_peck18 SMITH <![CDATA[ Heart fills as G-d's love surrounds. ]]> Jewish Life by meanderingmegan meanderingmegan SMITH <![CDATA[ Torah, Avodah, Aliyah, Chaverim, Mishpacha, Ahava! ]]> Jewish Life by jtaarsh jtaarsh SMITH <![CDATA[ Grandparents secretly nose-jobbed mother's Jewish nose. ]]> Jewish Life by enginethatcould enginethatcould SMITH <![CDATA[ Bar Mizvah = wedding prices, Oye! ]]> Jewish Life by Angswords Angswords SMITH <![CDATA[ Being Jewish: a lifetime without bacon. ]]> Jewish Life by Jugggler Jugggler SMITH <![CDATA[ Bacon cheeseburger? HaShem knows what matters. ]]> Jewish Life by thnidu thnidu SMITH <![CDATA[ Couldn't be tribe, so married in. ]]> Jewish Life by Njslattery Njslattery SMITH <![CDATA[ Just trying to be a mensch. ]]> Jewish Life by Jugggler Jugggler SMITH <![CDATA[ Afraid to wear Grandma's Jewish star. ]]> Jewish Life by Sipporah Sipporah SMITH <![CDATA[ Shabbat, Friday. Bacon cheeseburgers on Saturday. ]]> Jewish Life by HippieGirl HippieGirl SMITH