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  1. Jennifer Hayden

    Beautifully written! Hilarious and very evocative! I was in Romania at age 13 in 1974 and it was a similar experience, only I wasn’t responsible, so it was much better.

  2. Kathryn Rile

    Oh Emily! I was MARRIED in Prague in 1994–post communist, but pre-latte (also pre-destination wedding). I was living as a student in Germany and 7 months pregnant. I needed health insurance that covered the birth, and this was the way to get it fast!

    The Americians were just arriving, and the city and citizens were still run on coal and covered with soot. The place still ran like a communist country, but with a touch of optimism. All that red tape, translations and super-legalization of documents, and visits to buroctratic offices.

    Long since the divorce, I keep my marriage papers as a charming artifact. They actually wrote Rileova on the papers because Rile is masculine (no ova!). Then in Germany I had to convince them to take the “egg” off the translation…The story goes on and on. Have not yet been back for the latte.


  3. Gary Graye

    It’s quite amazing how EMDR can make such a massive change in ones life.

  4. Melisa Kilbourne

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