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  1. Piper

    Your flashbacks are fantastic.

    Something about the visual style reminds me of the illos for http://www.amazon.com/Longest-War-Sex-Differences-Perspective/dp/0155511866

  2. SassyJ

    Hilarious! Love the book titles in every picture!

  3. Darjeeling

    Now, don’t be harshing on good ole HSS boys: we’re not all Panzer freaks….

    Very nice, Em. More!


  4. The Jewish Culture Log of Arts » Blog Archive » Graphic Therapy - Notes from the Gap Years

    [...] http://www.smithmag.net/graphictherapy/2008/07/28/chapter-3/8/ Over the summer, I visited Heinie at the Haupterfuehrerberger farm in Oregon. Feeling like a Hasid, in black robes and a fur-trimmed hat, my side locks swinging in the breeze, this East Coast Jew flew West to hang with a passel of ex-pat Krauts on the new Sudetenland. [...]

  5. jahfurry

    Wow. pulls me right in and along. “Shtetyl Stock” “drinking wine and eating swine” some ubervivid writing coupled with tasty emotive illustrations, velly nice!

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