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  1. Graphic Therapy: Session 2 | Obsessions

    [...] Graphic Therapy: Notes From the Gap Years, is a hit from here to Croatia. Now you can check out Session 2: Is Mundanity Progress?, in which Emily Steinberg tackles Nazis, game shows, Peter Pan, war movies, Brooklyn, cocaine, and [...]

  2. SassyJ

    Brilliant commentary on life’s mundane moments that add up to the bigger story! Humor flows through in word and image. Can’t wait for the next installments!

  3. The Jewish Culture Log of Arts » Blog Archive » Graphic Therapy - Notes from the Gap Years

    [...] pit. Images of naked men, being forced to lie down and be whipped by fully dressed S.S. officers. http://www.smithmag.net/graphictherapy/2008/07/14/chapter-2/5/ Mom and Dad told me they wanted to have a lot of children to off set the loss of the Jews in the [...]

  4. Anne

    To Emily Steinberg -
    Are you the person that I purchased a painting from - in about 1992? The painting is of your mother. Let me know.

  5. emily

    Hi Anne,

    Yes it is me.
    How cool!
    Hope you are still enjoying it,

  6. jahfurry

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    Brilliant commentary on life’s mundane moments that add up to the bigger story! Humor flows through in word and image. Can’t wait for the next installments!

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