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  1. Patty

    Having been a fellow traveler with Emily during these years, and having witnessed and embraced her remarkable creations during this time, I am simply exhilerated to see “Graphic Therapy.” In my unbiased view, it is a tour de force. Congratulations, Em!

  2. Ellen

    I love the economy of words conveying complex meaning, time, place and people eloquently.
    ‘This totally sucked’ - heartfelt disgust in three emphatic words. The story has pace! and humour! Exhilarating indeed. Emily could narrate “Pride and Prejudice” on three pages. More please.

  3. Jeanette Cheezum


  4. Acerebel

    Prose made poetic. She’s speaking for so many of us. I agree with Ellen, and love the pithy encapsulation of big thoughts and emotions in tight phrases. Illustrations are delightful; very much a cohesive vision. Looking forward to following Emily’s travels and travails over the coming months.

  5. Trishelle

    I absolutely adore the first sentence of this.

  6. Auntikrist

    Dear Emily Steinberg

    I love Graphic Therapy and you.


  7. Andrea Herrmann

    “Graphic Therapy: Notes from the Gap Years,” is terrifically funny, both in word and drawing. This is a tale of keen observation, of pathos, and, surely, of well-placed hyperbole. It brings to mind–as all good literature should do–those gap periods in my own life and the desperation I so keenly felt at the time. Of course, the transformation comes later, in the retelling, as our hilarious stories serve to entertain friends who have lead less adventuresome lives. Bravo!

  8. David T

    Brilliant! A splendid mix of the everyday humiliations of life with the deeper themes that guide us through the years. I never thought a rat, particularly the long-dead variety, could carry such meaning. Well-done all around.

    Stylistically, for some reason I really love the use of typeset text against the hand-drawn illustration. It feels like a perfect bridge between cartoon and adult life, in some ways mirroring the predicament of the protagonist.

    I look forward to the next episode!

  9. Evan

    Perhaps this was god’s way of saying the mouse should never have been expelled from your life? maybe you’ve been chosen to lead an army of mice against the chinese when they invade?

    or maybe i just like to imagine ludicrous meanings behind insignificant events.

    great story. looking forward to chapter 2 =]

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  18. Marcelino Bierwirth

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