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I worship to the Post-It gods

My fridge is an altar where I worship to the Post-It gods. If I ever had a "real" job it should have been at 3-M, where I probably could've pulled down some serious $$$ writing PR spoof about the sticky note. There's something irresistable about jotting down a chore, errand, address, shopping list, or other fragment of thought, sticking it on a big, handy surface, and then feeling guilty until the damn thing gets shopped, called, fixed, or otherwise attended to. I probably create things that need to be done just so I can go through this soul-satisfying process on a regular basis. I'm sure any psychologist worth his Ph.D. would label me obsessive compulsive but I don't care. (I have a lot of other funny traits I am not sharing with them, either). My refrigerator door represents my best efforts to control the daily minutaie of my life. The rest, I am well aware, is out of my hands.


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