Who Needs Fruit Anyway.

In the end, the house looked, smelled and sounded like a frat house

Preparing for a football watching Sunday involves a plethora of decisions. Do we make chilli or wings? or both? Rearrange the furniture or bring in folding chairs? Beer or wine? All was going well until a cooler in the living room was mentioned. "This is not a frat house" I say. " And furthermore the kitchen is inches away from the living room. I offer up the fancy metal tub as an option. "No, the beer will not be cold enough" he objects. Ever the compromising, functioning couple, we settle on the fridge that is currently packed with food for the party. We conclude that we don't need fruit anyway and fill the fruit drawer with beer. In the end the house looked, smelled and sounded like a frat house even without a cooler in the living room.


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