Day I Discovered Six-Word Memoirs

...rude sayings and monkeys go together like bananas and peanut butter...

Freeze Frame of my life...

Today is the day after Christmas. I have done nothing all day, Im even still in my pajamas. I awoke to my cats messing with the bathroom door. I apparently locked one of my cats in the bathroom hours earlier when I woke up to pee. After letting the offended cat out, I shuffled around picking up garbage and empty boxes. Making several trips to the dumpster from my 3rd story apartment.

Once I got bored cleaning I got on my pc and browsed facebook. Downloading photos I had posted of family Christmas morning to play around with and edit. From there I browsed Amazon, finding a book, which upon reading a review was brought to this site.

My boyfriend lives 4 hours away from me. We have been "dating" six months. We have only spent time together 3 times. This Friday will be our 4th time together. He has become very needy and paranoid. Constantly texting me, asking what Im doing. It troubles me. He wants to stay 5 days, despite the fact I start classes next week.

Other than that. I had a great Christmas. Was my brother-in-laws first Christmas with our family. Well... really his first Christmas celebration period. He grew up with a mother who didnt celebrate birthdays or Christmas and home schooled her kids. And his 8 siblings were only allowed to be friends with each other. Needless to say, he lead an extremely sheltered life. He was slightly overwhelmed at first but we kept it simple and drama free. I think he left feeling good about celebrating holidays with our family.

As far as my fridge goes...

Growing up I loved reading the humorous magnets on my grandmothers refrigerator. So for me it was just natural to acquire my own magnets of blatant gratuitous humor. I don't have nearly as many as she does, but its a process still in progress. I love monkeys, so how could I not have monkey magnets? And rude sayings and monkeys go together like bananas and peanut butter... right? Right.

When traveling its always a tossup between a magnet or shot glass as a souvenir. Niagara Falls and the USS Arizona Memorial won when visiting those particular places.

There are a few photos. My sister and I in a photo booth at the fair last year with the stuffed monkey that took $30 to win popping balloons. Did I mention how I love monkeys? There are a few snapshots at a waterfall in Oregon I visited with my brother and sister. That was an interesting trip a few years ago.

Of course I have note pads for lists. I barely used the pink one, yet felt the need this year to get a new one with a cheery Christmas theme. These will both last me several more years I'm sure. For some reason I have a recipe for KFC Biscuits. I jotted it down from one of those "Top Secret Recipe" cookbooks.

I think that about covers it... Whats that? I have a Scooby-Doo stuck in the handle? Oh yeah! I forget why I decided to put him there. But he seems content to hangout, watching over my freezer. I mean... that IS where the ice cream is kept.


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