Of frozen brownies and dog tails

At age 15, one does this kind of stuff: it made feel tough and cool, and I thought mixed dogs would look tougher and cooler if they had their tails cut off. So that is what I was up to when my small dog, a tai-lless mix of terrier, hotdog and puddle, had puppies from a huge doberman. I even helped the vet in the process of cutting the tails and stitching the wounds. The vet said "I had it in me" and mutilating the poor creatures made me very popular among my peers in the neighbourhood, but not for long.

I decided to keep the tails (6 in total), so I could make keyholders out of them, just like those lucky charms with a rabitt foot. I wrapped them in foil, and put them in my mother-in law's freezer. It was my boyfriend's idea, who said he knew someone who could help me preserve the tails.

My boyfriend's younger brother was a chubby boy and a binger. The same week, he went to the fridge looking for food, and thinking that it was some frozen brownie, he unwrapped the foil containing the tails to his full disgust. Needless say he puked inside the freezer and all over the kitchen floor. And I was declared a bizarre, cruel sister-in-law, when I tried to help him out of the situation, but could not stop laughing.

The tails never made it to a lucky charm and I think little Simon stayed away from the fridge for a long, long time.

As for becoming a vet: Nope. But after all these years, I've radically changed my mind about lucky charms and chopping tails, or any other animal part for that matter.


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