I think I'm the only one...

snapshot image froze without a sound

...who thought this was about the INSIDE of the refrigerator!

Contents include:
1. Payback beer for electrician friend
2. Salad from backyard garden
3. SO's used (clean) cereal bowl, for use tomorrow
4. Almond milk (vanilla/chocolate) - yummy
5. Grape jelly labeled "for birds only" (orioles)
6. Last of the strawberries and first of the raspberries from the backyard garden
7. Radishes doomed for the compost (sorry)
8. Chard waiting for a stir-fry
9. Oatmeal add-ins - bran, flax, quinoa
10. Homemade energy chunks

Nothing unidentifiable!


ctgoods2 says,

cleverly misunderstood. nice job.

ctgoods2 says,

cleverly misunderstood. nice job.

Wordaholic says,

I did too! never gave a thought to the outside either!
love your refrigerator - cool :-) - neat and well organised, clean.
And a backyard garden like me.

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