One thing leads to another ...

My daughter: Hard won in conception, in birth, in court.

• The voyage: The magnet that says “Andrea’s Kitchen,” which my beloved Grandma Carolyn found at a yard sale approximately 20 years ago, takes you on the entire trip. Somehow this one magnet has remained in my possession through countless moves, tracing my steps from college, first apartment, first condo, first house, divorce… second apartment, second condo, and now, finally, to what I hope will always be my home.

• The split: 2010 Parenting Time Schedule (value: $20,000 in attorney fees)

• The new union: My new brood represented by horoscope signs (the positive ones that say nice things about you). I’m in the middle, the Libra, the glue, the bond from my daughter to me to my new husband and back again.

• More on my daughter: Hard won in conception, in birth, in court. She is mine. Her tiny handprints making a goldfish – that’s from kindergarten. Her “What it looks like when I’m with U” picture of the flowers, clouds, and warm, warm sun never fails to make my heart hurt in a good way. And – this one really skyrockets my Momma Bear pride– her “Art Achievement Certificate” award. The artist in her comes from my side of the family . Indisputable.

• P.S. That weird looking orange thing is a recipe for the tuna steaks thawing in the fridge, signifying that the biweekly diet started yesterday; end date projected for sometime this weekend. What can I say? My horoscope sign (Libra, see above) says I’m well-balanced, which I interpret as one week on; one week off – makes sense to me, probably because I'm bipolar. No, seriously.

• Random magnets, some serving as temporary décor, others in proper but less important use. Isn’t the lunch tray one (bottom right) just so cool?!


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