My fridge feeds my soul

I find myself gravitating towards the fridge door when I'm feeling a little lonely.

It started with a couple of pictures on the top part of my fridge. Images of family members that mean a lot to me. Ten years later, I have a mosaic and true representation of how much I love my life and how important my friends and family are to me. I find myself gravitating towards the fridge door when I'm feeling a little lonely. I go there when I need to remind myself of all the hugs, kisses and laughs I've had so far. Their smiles and seeing mine as I pass by has gotten me through some tough times. My friends feed my soul.

It's a great point of conversation when I have visitors over. On this door is a pretty accurate personal history. Pictures of my foster family that took me in when I was just three days old and who I still keep very much in my life. To receive a mothers love from a complete stranger has made me who I am, no doubt. Seeing their faces makes me want to be selfless every single day and give as much love as I possibly can.

An old resident alien ID card when I lived in the Caribbean as a child always starts an interesting conversation on how I can dance merengue and speak Greek at the same time. A picture of my favorite aunt who's supported me throughout my life. My mom, who's young, bright and a good gauge on how I should be as a person. Photos of some friends and their loved ones. Our travels and crazy shenanigans immortalized. A note from an artist friend telling me, "be yourself and see yourself as the beautiful person that you are" in her handwriting that makes my body move whenever I read it. Every time I look at this door I swell with happiness and appreciate the good times I've had and remember that I'm never really alone. There are moments when companionship is all a single girl in a big city wants and these are reminders that I have much love in my life. I have it every single day. My friends help me soar through life and I couldn't imagine my life without them. Sometimes I wish my fridge door were a bit bigger...


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