The Fridge of Things To Come

My fridge has an aluminum facing that I can not use magnets on it. But if I could put things up on it...

What's on my fridge door? Well, let’s start with who you’re talking to: Aurelio – 44 yrs old, married with 1 child, own a 2-bedroom co-op in NYC, work in sales for an IT consulting services firm. Watch nut, cyclist, likes to read and catches his breath with whatever free time is left ;-)

Fridge is not a Sub-Zero (sorry to disappoint the other Upper East Siders); however it has an aluminum facing that I can not use magnets on it. But if I could put things up on it...

Hmmm, some fun magnets from places we’ve traveled to; obviously a few pictures of relatives, Deb (my wife) and Tyler (our 3-yr-old), some funny pics of us, maybe a note to remind me to buy milk that I’ll see every day but never pay attention to, some other mail notice or stuff my wife might put up there, and maybe a guide to counting calories by watching what you eat – yes, that’s REALLY going to stop me from nibbling on that pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Now, with this collage pictured in my mind, I start to think about various moments in my life, like snapshots. Sort of like the pictures on the fridge; memories that I have not forgotten, but need the picture to be reminded of days/events past. I start to think about all the good times in my life and consider myself lucky for all that I have. Need to stop every once in a while, and take stock in all we’ve accomplished. I am not one to compare myself to others (or try to “keep up with the Jones’ “), just looking to live a life that is full and happy.

Then the thoughts slowly turn to Tyler; thinking of my childhood, and all the things he will experience as he grows older. The day he was born was one of the best in my life… actually surreal. At the same time, I felt my own mortality then. Lucky lil’ bugger, he has a lot of fun times ahead of him – sports, school, friends, travel and adventures, birthdays, college, getting into the workforce, maybe a serious girlfriend or even marriage – the list is not a small one.

Lucky me, too. That means a lot more pictures for the fridge coming.


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