An Egg-cellent Tale of a Pile of Crap

Scattered among the papers and bad magnets – the detritus of my life – there are things I treasure.

I am not a collector of things. I don't have a case with little silver spoons, or a shelf with china cats; I don't have hundreds of baseball cards or a cellar full of wine. My parents might say I collect shoes and dust, and yes, I should probably shop less and clean more. But on the whole, I'm not a person with a fridge full of magnets.

What my fridge is full of, is junk. I tend to stick things up haphazardly, without thinking – don't know what to do with it? Put it on the fridge. Littering the crusty white door (again, yes mom, I know I should clean) is a free magnet from Delta SkyMiles, another from All-State Insurance. There's a gift certificate to Paron Fabrics for $50 – made out to the roommate who moved away two years ago. I think she stuck it there so I would make sure to use free money before it expired. But alas. And yet it sits there still, next to my Georgetown basketball schedule (Go Hoya's!) from 2006.

In fact, the map of my refrigerator really hasn't changed much in the past few years. It wouldn't be hard to throw this stuff away – the trash can is less than a foot away. But scattered among the papers and bad magnets – the detritus of my life – there are things I treasure. Cards from college friends wishing me a Happy Holidays, a great New Year. A magnet that reads, “Egg-cellent” with a recipe on how to boil an egg. It was a gift from my roommate after she moved to L.A., because she knew I needed the help. There's the photo of me and my friend Sarah, smiling and slightly drunk – she sent it to me with a note, asking me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. That picture has been hanging there for three years – our friendship is five times as long. And here's what I realize: maybe I am a collector of things. These people, my friends, are like the stuff on my fridge – I will hang on to them for a very long time.

This summer it will finally be time to let go. After four years, I'm leaving my refrigerator once and for all, moving to a new apartment, with a new person. I'm excited for the change, the spring cleaning of sorts. It's time I got rid of all the junk in my life – the papers, the magnets – and focused on what is really important. Friends. Love. After all, he and I will be starting our life together, and we'll have a fridge that's pretty and clean and new. It's time to start collecting these things together.


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