Everyone has a fridge story. What's yours? Take a snapshot—a freezeframe—of your fridge and tell us what exactly is going on in your life. FreezeFrame is a new way to tell a story and think outside of the (ice)box. Our favorites will be featured in a future book. Submissions Feed
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My wife and I used to bicker about our fridge door. We both love the photos, but hated the clutter.
We tried many different types of frames. The cheap little individual frames had ruined the vinyl floor in front of the fridge door from falling ( they always fall ) and landing on their corners.
Now we look at our favorite memories through …

I'm not sure when he made the connection between the fridge and his art work. I think it was in a book we read or something, but suddenly it became a "thing". From that moment on it has become not only a gallery, but also a height chart. We retain a bit of space at the top, wedding mementos and a photo or two. Every other …

They say every fridge tells a story. Ours resembles a crime scene report - cold, gross, and filled with unpleasant surprises. Our fridge has always been unbalanced – literally – which results in a pooling of its bodily fluids down and to the left, where they creep out from beneath the vegetable crisping bins and slither out to leave forensic kisses on our now permanently stained linoleum.

After the divorce, the “For Sale” sign in the yard necessitated a bare fridge for clean lines in the kitchen. With my heart stripped bare and half my furniture gone, a realtor’s advice transforming my family nest into a showplace, nothing was exempt from change.

The hand-painted pictures, magnets from family vacations, lists of couple friend phone numbers, and the photographs needed to go. Most …

Late afternoon sunlight, blazing with Sonoran Desert heat, slips through the slits in the Venetian blinds and ricochets off the refrigerator door, creating a slashing shadow pattern. But the high contrast dance of sunbeams and dark stripes is disrupted when I shuffle into the kitchen, open the refrigerator door and grab an ice-cold bottle of water. I close the door and the interplay between light and shadow resumes, until later …

Although I do use the side of my stainless steel Kenmore behemoth to post saved prayer cards of dead relatives, the ubiquitous grocery lists, scraps of napkins with the names of decent wines I've tasted scribbled down, an invitation to my thirty-fifth high school reunion, a Howard Zinn bumper sticker, and a few pictures of a younger me, thirty pounds lighter and more apt to be smiling, the addition to …

We've had a "fridge as bulletin board" since the kids were little. We've moved from pre-school paintings to after school sports calendars to prom pictures.

Our favorites are the offer of a Playboy subscription that came addressed to our son when he was about 7 years old, the "Libby is Guilty" headlines (daughter's name, headlines from the Scooter Libby trial) and the "Hon, where's the butter?" …

...who thought this was about the INSIDE of the refrigerator!

Contents include:
1. Payback beer for electrician friend
2. Salad from backyard garden
3. SO's used (clean) cereal bowl, for use tomorrow
4. Almond milk (vanilla/chocolate) - yummy
5. Grape jelly labeled "for birds only" (orioles)
6. Last of the strawberries and first of the raspberries from the backyard garden
7. Radishes doomed for the compost (sorry)
8. Chard …

Refrigerators, like photographs, are about making things last as long as possible. They’re about taking things with short shelf-lives, like milk or memories, and preserving them beyond their natural spans.

I'd started the photo collage on the fridge when I moved into his basement apartment in Jersey City. He had insisted that I move in, yet my things stayed packed in boxes in the hall for months. I’d felt …

• The voyage: The magnet that says “Andrea’s Kitchen,” which my beloved Grandma Carolyn found at a yard sale approximately 20 years ago, takes you on the entire trip. Somehow this one magnet has remained in my possession through countless moves, tracing my steps from college, first apartment, first condo, first house, divorce… second apartment, second condo, and now, finally, to what I hope will …

It started with a couple of pictures on the top part of my fridge. Images of family members that mean a lot to me. Ten years later, I have a mosaic and true representation of how much I love my life and how important my friends and family are to me. I find myself gravitating towards the fridge door when I'm feeling a little lonely. I go there when I …

I snapped this pic months before Freeze Frame went live on SMITH. It's one of the many pictures I took of my childhood home before it was sold. Though I was sad to see my house go to another family, I breathed a sigh of relief when my parents moved away. It was I who pressured them to leave.

My childhood home sits dangerously …

Uncluttered space has always been appealing to me. A room with very little furniture, a painted wall with very little artwork, a lawn with a single tree all has a certain simplicity I find soothing and easily comprehensible. Seeing a friend’s refrigerator covered in magnetic memorabilia can reveal insights into the mind of the owner best left hidden from view.

Being a Scorpio of a mostly guarded nature, …

Our fridge is an abstract study in marital compromise. During years of singledom, I proudly adorned my fridge with magnets from my travels like a boy scout boasts merit badges. In my case, the tackier the magnet the better...an acid green margarita glass from Rhode Island...Pisa's leaning tower, an oh-so-British phone booth, idyllic palmed beach scenes from Peter Island, Tulum, Mystique and Jamaica, a plastic baguette avec beret from Paris. …

I like my refrigerator. I picked it out when we moved into our house. It's stainless with double door refrigerator top and freezer on the bottom. The stainless aspect doesn't stop the kid art that decorates it from sticking—that's what blue painters tape is for.

On the right door are two "GALLON" pictures that my daughter drew; one is a huge "G" inside the "G" are "q's" inside the …

When I first moved to London 20 years ago a refrigerator was a humble "fridge." They didn't do big, they did these small, pint-sized little thingys that were kind of cute and held about a days worth of shopping. Come to think of it, everything was smaller-portions in restaurants, cocktails, and especially expectations.

Now, you go to someone’s house, it boasts an "American style fridge-freezer" — oversized and holding …

I am not a collector of things. I don't have a case with little silver spoons, or a shelf with china cats; I don't have hundreds of baseball cards or a cellar full of wine. My parents might say I collect shoes and dust, and yes, I should probably shop less and clean more. But on the whole, I'm not a person with a fridge full of magnets.
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My refrigerator door is filled with photos of my family, of which I have three: my mother’s family, my father’s family, and my step-father’s family. No matter how close I get to my other relatives, I will always be my mother’s daughter. How do I know? My cleaning lady writes me letters.

I remember when I lived at home right after college and worked as a magazine intern and …

If you didn’t know me, you’d think I was a narcissistic alcoholic. My friend Dennis from Texas took a photo of me and created an Andy Warhol-like book cover as a joke and it was so funny I put it up on my fridge. The combination of rows and rows of my faces with a reddish background next to a hot pink postcard from Barneys New York advertising a cosmetics …
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