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Krewe Du Vieux 2006

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

By Cree McCree

“Oh, No!” Mr. Bill leads off the parade in the float bearing his creator, Walter Williams, King of Krewe Du Vieux 2006

The T.O.K.I.N. subkrewe puts Mayor Ray Nagin on the (G-)spot

Spoiled fridges were a favorite parade motif

Blue tarp blue is the new black

“Home is where the tarp is”

One-man Blue Man Group

Five months after my husband and I applied for post-Katrina disaster assistance, we finally got our FEMA check — for $200,400.69! The official-looking U.S. Treasury note came in an official-looking FEMA envelope and was handed to me by a very unofficial-looking reveler wearing a giant dildo and a blue tarped roof on his head.

Welcome to Krewe Du Vieux, post-K edition.

The check was bogus, of course, marked “disaster assistance — you wish!” But there was nothing phony about the spirit of Krewe Du Vieux, the X-rated satirical walking parade that kicks off every Mardi Gras season by giving the high and mighty a raucous kick in the ass.

And in New Orleans after Katrina, there was no shortage of targets: Everyone from Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco to “heckuva job” Brownie got skewered in scurrilous send-ups.

Flanked by more brass bands than ever before — a terrific omen in itself! — Drips and Discharges and 16 other subkrewes brought visions like “(Nagin’s) Wet Dream” and “Blanco Blows Wind” gloriously to life on mule-drawn floats while outrageously costumed marchers dispensed a bounty of instant collectibles like the life preserver key chains emblazoned with this year’s theme: “C’est Levee!”

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