There for Tomorrow

I knew I was shouting. Chapped lips creating a sinful friction, grinding as my throat vibrated.

This was the last chance. The "Mana": tour was ending today. Tonight.

The Grog Shop. Small, dark, loud. The body heat from countless people pressing against me. Their egos seemed to be on another plane than mine. Long legs bound to stretch further. All standing still as I couldn't help myself. The music made me move.

Oily strands bobbing up and down. My own wind in my hair. Like a car out of control. My body just swerved back and fourth on its own. My own world as the music poured into my skin. Saturating each and every bone.

I knew I was shouting. Chapped lips creating a sinful friction, grinding as my throat vibrated. Sending out screams of carefully strung together words. Lyrics. And before they left, an "I love you."

Out of hand. I said it was time to leave. The man who waited for me just nodded his head. His face scrunched up in pain. His back sore and feet heavy from standing.

I wanted to see him. Over those heads, but it was to no avail. My eyes searched as I began to walk away after picking up a shirt that he might have touched, those wild drummer hands.

WIth the shirt nestled against my chest, I began to stride toward the exit. Looking back once as the energy began to go dormant in my veins. Waiting for the next time. Looking back, I saw blue.

Eyes. Bright as the slick sweat covering a tanned face. Kissable lips, flushed cheeks. Chestnut locks cascading down a perfect face.

Eyes locked for even a brief amount of time. It seemed like forever as I saw him from the corner of my eye taking a longer look after our eyes broke from each other.

My mouth seemed to run on. In the car, the man told me I shouldn't talk like that. I can't help it. He brought out the beast in me. The wild creature looking for a mate. He brought out the woman in me. And he brought me out of my shell.

And lingering on my lips, which were parched and dry, were the remains of the scream of "I love you" that I shouted and the want to kiss those lips and look into those eyes. Stare into the blue future.

The last chance starts spurs on another.


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