Yes, It Was

I knew there was something familiar about them, but I could not place what it was at that moment.

Years ago, I worked in the cosmetics department of a local department store in St. Louis. At the time, I was (and I still am) a big fan of the musical group Yes.

One rather boring late afternoon, I was watching the clock tick on toward quiting time. There were no customers, and I was in a hurry to get the day over. At some point, I glanced up to see three unusual-looking fellows walk through the door not far from my counter. There was a very tall fellow (Rick Wakeman), a somewhat angry-looking fellow (Chris Squire), and a happy, jovial-looking little fellow (Jon Anderson).

They looked around and then came to my counter and asked what floor our music department was on. I knew there was something familiar about them, but I could not place what it was at that moment. I told them the floor number, and they entered the elevator directly across the floor from my counter.

I continued to stare at them, trying to figure out where I recognized them from. Anderson soon had a big smile on his face, because he knew I would probably figure out they were Yes. Just as the door closed, I said, "You guys! You guys are Yes!"

As the door shut, I could see the big grin on Jon's face. I was so excited. None of my coworkers recognized them or really knew who they were. Finally, they came back to my counter and talked for few minutes and gave me their autographs. It was quite an experience for me, one that I will always remember. They were scheduled for two nights at a local stadium, for which I had already had tickets. They were very nice fellows.


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