A Riddle

"Have a great day, sweetheart."

I was staying at a hotel in Miami while attending a conference. As I left my room, a man stepped off the elevator. He was smoking a cigarette, so I smiled at him. (My family were tobacco growers for many years.)

After putting out his cigarette, he returned my smile and said, "Have a great day, sweetheart." I thought perhaps I had met him earlier at the conference, since his greeting was warm and he seemed somehow familiar. It wasn't until I left a restaurant that evening that I figured out who the man was.

His image was on a large poster outside a theater, where he was portraying George Burns in a one-man show. Who was the man? The Riddler from the old television series, Frank Gorshin. Now, did the _sweetheart_ from Frank's greeting really come from Frank, or was it from the ghost of Mr. Burns?

By the way, the image above the story isn't mine, but she is indirectly related to the story. Can you guess who she is?


Jeanette_Cheezum says,

Yes, I believe thats Gracie Allen. She and George Burns had
a great comedy show when I was a little girl. Nice brush wit fame.

JanetKay says,

Fun story and comment.

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