Matthew, Michael, and Ron

My AA admission may be different in substance from the more well-known AA introduction, but it describes a connection just as addicting.

Hi. My name is Kathy. And I am an Ardent Admirer of "Matthew Macfadyen.":

My AA admission may be different in substance from the more well-known AA introduction, but it describes a connection just as addicting. I bought the _Pride and Prejudice_ DVD in the spring of 2006. It wasn't until my fourth viewing, two months later, that I realized I was hooked.

I watched the movie over and over. I started to fast-forward to the romantic parts between Lizzie and Darcy. My family and friends thought I was demented. Matthew's portrayal of Darcy did something no other performance had ever done: It seemed to reach out from the screen and grab my heart.

In my quest for any and all things Matthew, I came upon a "public forum on Topix": devoted to Matthew. I had never been part of a forum, blog, or chat room before. As I read the comments, I couldn't believe it! Every person's description of how they felt exactly mirrored my own. Everyone was supportive and assured me that the overwhelming feelings would eventually evolve into an appreciation of Matthew's talent, and that the daily viewings would eventually give way to less-frequent doses of Matthew in _Pride and Prejudice._ They were right.

My most astonishing adventure was actually meeting Matthew in New York. I would never have had the courage to seek this experience had it not been for three fellow forum members who accompanied me, and a British Topix friend who found out he would be in New York to see the play _Frost/Nixon,_ as he had been cast in the movie version.

So, on three days' notice, four of us in the Tri-State Area made arrangements to be there, hoping we would meet him and get pictures and autographs. Here we were, two pregnant women and two mother figures, staking out the Bernard Jacobs Theater. Definitely not your typical celebrity seekers.

We had all but given up hope when, five minutes before the show, he appeared. He seemed quite surprised as we bombarded him with requests for autographs and pictures, but he was wonderfully accommodating, and his companion, Ron Howard, was teasing him as they were both wondering how we knew he would be there.

After the play, we were able to talk to him again as he waited for his friend, Michael Sheen, who played David Frost. His graciousness, as we conveyed our admiration, only endeared him to us more.

I have tried to analyze why he is the only actor to affect me so, but I can't explain it. I know that, as a teacher, I am always uplifted when appreciative former students take the time and make the effort to let me know that I have had an impact on their lives. For a few moments we, his ardent admirers, were able to enter Matthew's life to show him what an impact he has had on ours.


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