Cindy Anthony

Give the grandparents some privacy and respect. They are not the ones on trial.

Regarding the grandparents of "Caylee Anthony.":

I once had a dream about Cindy Anthony that I couldn't shake, so I emailed her and told her so. We became friends through that, and I love her like a sister now. Watching the protesters in front of the Anthonys' home makes me sick. What those grandparents don't need and never did, is obnoxious publicity.

Protesters camp outside the home day and night, hoping to be able to say what is on their slanted minds. Some have gone as far as verbally abusing them at the top of their lungs, while their young children shout their own misdirected comments. And yet, Cindy and George have remained as composed as two Christian people can be under the circumstances. They have been ganged up on, and called every name in the book, and still they show class.

Give the grandparents some privacy and respect. They are not the ones on trial.

Of course, they are going to protect Caylee's mother, Casey--she is their daughter. Blood is thicker than water. And if I was a grandmother and my child may have hurt my grandchild and he or she went missing, I would deny it, too, until or if I had the body for proof.

Don't people understand hope? That is all these poor people have left. They no longer get to see their granddaughter pitter-pattering around the house, or playing with her toys. The wonderful innocent smile they were used to is gone--no more little girl noises. Have a heart America, because it could be you someday.


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